What Can You Do With Four Sprites?

Nero isn’t around anymore to make me avatars and I need a new avatar. So whoever wants this go ahead. I don’t care what you do as long as it’s flashy.


I put each human character next to it’s helper.

EDIT: The images died again, so I had to host them.

Ill try something… thing is… I might not be able to animate it

well sam what did you have in mind for animation…???

Anything really. Maybe changing from the human characters to the robots. But what ever you see fit is fine by me.

well heres one tell me what ya think if ya want ill make the other…


kinda got a lil carried away heres the other…


Is there a way to combine them? Like have them facing eachother one on the left and one on the right?

yeah np ill be sure to fix it as soon as i can. :tup:

Thanks. Take your time with it.
You can just make my name smaller and put it in a corner so it won’t take much space.