What capcom games are Ruby Heart and Amingo from?


Looked his up online but could not find anything.


I believe they were made for MvC2.


They are original characters for Marvel vs Capcom 2…


Oh ok. Seems pretty random of Capcom to put two original characters in a fighting game with no plot that already has more than enough characters.


MvC2 has no plot.

Heros on a ship looking for Abyss. Real deep lol


Mind blown.


what about mega man?


It’s not that unusual. A lot of ‘crossover’ games with a semblance of story have original characters thrown in to aid the plot somehow.

Like Cross Edge or Namco x Capcom.


What capcom games are wolverine and spideyman from? I googled but all I found was comic stuff and comics R gay.



your username is clearly a lie.


i heard wolverine had his own movie!!! and so did spider man. Imagine that. U never see people play them at evo yet they got their own movies??? when are they making the sentinel movie???

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y big gundam robot in mvc2?

big gundam robots don’ttt fight ryu in sf2.

y gundam robot?!


This is why SRK is the best :lol:


You’re only entertained by this because your name is BongPower.

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haha. That may be. I am actually grinning like a motherfucker.

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I can’t believe someone asked this right after I got back.

Seth Killian told me that Ruby Heart was originally designed to be in Dark Stalkers

Wow. I think OP is Seth under different handle.


I wonder how they made their decision on the default characters, IE: Ruby Heart is the default character for Player 1 and Cable is the default character for Player 2.

Honestly, wouldn’t the most popular characters be the default, for Capcom it should be Ryu and for Marvel it should be Spiderman.

I like to fly into oros and rocks.


He was from Marvel vs Capcom part 1.

That little servebot dude is from Dead Rising :razzy:


Ruby heart should be in more games. Shes cool in mvc2 but in a game like oh…lets say, Darkstalkers, she’d rock. She’s a mage, pirate, ghost wielding, treasure box kickin badass blonde lady, one eyed, french speakin…lady.


i always thouth that Amingo was from a musical game of capcom, lol