What Car do you drive?


What takes you from point “A” to point “B”. I haven’t really seen any post about this (Ive searched the forums).

My car is WRX, Rally blue.
Currently trying to get a 2006+ civic as a backup


My foot or a bus. I have Epilepsy.

But, if i could drive, i would drive this (in my opinion, obviously) jewel:


2011 Wrangler





I have a little silver Chevy Cruze. It has good gas mileage and it’s pretty fun to drive.


O man, don’t buy a civic.


2008 nissan sentra.
got it in january, didn’t even have it a year and some bitch without insurance slammed by passenger door hard.


Acura TSX. I love my fucking car.


I’m not driving it at the moment, but I own a 2003 Honda Civic. I really want to drive it again.

The car I’m driving now is a 2006 Hyundai Elantra. Hate it.


I have a 2015 WRX. I drive about 500 miles a week just for work and another 1-200 on the week end. I currently have over 4000 miles on the car. I will eat through the warranty in 2-3 years if I continue at this rate. I just want a cheap “Beater Car”. Im not going to mod it. Just want to drive it into the ground. :D…


Nice, we call Subaru’s Scooby Doos over here. They look like a lot of fun to drive, and best in blue.

I have an Astra, I think you call them Saturns in the states

We have a car thread too


96 civic hatch


Well then, drive an older civic that still uses a mechanical throttle foot paddle. Or drive a corolla or an Elantra or a focus, or etc…

I’m driving a 07 Civic LX as a beater car as well.


a 97 Nissan Maxima. I’ve been in it for about 5 yrs. 220k + miles and still rolling. I’m poor and cant afford another car right now, so i keep it clean and serviced.


'08 Jeep Liberty. Closing in on 50k miles.


2009 stick shift Hyundai Accent first half of the year, hopefully rebuilt six speed Corvette by end of the year. Probably just jinxed myself.


99 camry, a true gangstas whip


2006 Mazda 6 Sedan Classic. Grey. 6-speed.


96 civic. the odometer was broken when i got it but i’d say maybe 200K+ and its been very reliable. i plan to pick up a newer civic in the near future


Pretty sure that was a captive over here, like the Pontiac G8. Too cool to be a Saturn. Though the Sky was cool as hell.