What changes would you like to see most out of your main in the sequel?


For me all I want is Ragna to have just a wee bit more health that’s about it. What are you guys ideas?


arakune; stay in the air longer

carl: not lose contrl of nirvana after getting hit even though ur guarding

tao: change slashy slashy, it sounds too cute


Those are some good ones so far. I just more than anything am looking forward to the new challenge O and I do hope they buff Hakumen up. He sucks aganist people like V-13. I dont’ main him but I’d like him to be stronger.


Rachel’s George takes a hit like Dizzy fish making the hit unable to hit Rachel.


I’d like Hakumen to gain a little ground against Rachel, Arakune and Nu, some quicker pokes that aren’t quite as punishable would be great especially after air dashes. I wish I could get out of that evil Carl loop too…


arakune getting a new astral heat. as it stands its kinda dumb. big eyeball, how a bout something that has to do with the whole curse thing.


I’d like to see Noel’s hitbox for 214 + A get a lil bigger. I’ve gotten punished many times, even though I’m rubbing against the opponent for a few frames.


It did get bigger, a good bit bigger. If you get punished for using it, then you obviously used it wrong.


Tsubaki not sucking =[


Ragna seems fine to me right now his 214 air really helped out alot of the problem I have seen atm.


Rachel to have a DD that doesn’t suck that much.


Hakumen: Damn… Dat range 4C is more than enough. <3