What channel on GGPO to people play 3s in?


Is it Karnov’s? Whenever I try to start a game in Karnov’s however I get an error.


Really? Without changing anything in regular configuration it doesn’t work? That’s strange.


The Final Fight Room.


I thought it was Magical Drop III?


Super Turbo


It is karnov’s. It’s been a few months so I don’t remember what I did (I think you rename sfiii3.zip to karnovr.zip), but right now I have a karnovr.zip, sfiii3.zip and a sfiii3n.zip in my roms folder. If you don’t have any of those, pm me your email and I’ll send them to you.




D&D definitely.


Karnov’s the one I’ve been visiting. And I sure as hell know most people there aren’t playing Karnov.


god this should have been obvious haha. okay I’ll try this, i’ve got everything though, thanks.


edit: nvm found the website