What char is SF4 is the most like Inuyasha?

hi ive been playing sf4 for litreally months now and i cant find a char that i want to main. in blazeblu i play ragna with white hair and red coat so he looks like inuyasha from the anim,e. what char do you guys think is the most like inuyasha from the anime?

cool story bro

Yoko Kurama


Hakan! He’s red and whatnot…

Blanka with white hair?

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Someone else made a thread very similar to this one the other day. Very lame.

Uh, use ken and do hp.srk and nothing else. His hand even catches on fire! He’s wearing red and his hair is blonde. Close enough right?

When you do Ken’s Ultra 2…scream “BACKLASH WAVE!!!”


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thread is fuckin’ hilarious, i have nothing against anime fans, but this is just stupid. do you know what general discussion are for? or just play the game and see for yourself.

maybe akuma with alternate 2?

Balrog with Alternate Costume 2.

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