What character do u think has the best tricks or mixups? In sf




Akuma imo.


Fuerte (though not a fan-favorite) & Viper seem to **** with my mind. The 5 or so good ones I’ve played at least.


Akuma, Fuerte and Ibuki have the best mixups. Fuerte is worthless without his mixup, as that’s how all his damage is done, and Akuma and Ibuki are the only two characters with a vortex for a reason.

Unfortunately, it’s for this exact reason that they are 3 of the hardest characters to master.


Pretty Sure Zangief has a Vortex/wake-up mix-up.


Oh god, here comes the discussion about what IS and ISNT a vortex. Getting my popcorn ready.


Zangief actually has some mix-ups when you think about it, there’s a ton of tricks too. Although everything else sucks, and getting close is a bitch


He has a mixup, but it’s not exactly what you would call a vortex (at least not me personally, I see a vortex as somebody flying around randomly throwing out random shit, Vangief just kinda stands in place and looks scary).


Erm… Dee Jay has a Vortex.
And without it he wouldn’t have much oki game.

I personally think that, if you’re willing to put in some work (read: SKILL) to win matches, Dee Jay is tops.


anyone who has vortex has good mixup IMO. e.g. Ibuki and Deejay. :smiley: but to master them is another question.




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probably Seth.


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Anyways, outside of vortexes, I’m gonna say Sakura can have a lot of fun with mixups.


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