What character doesnt need to rely on footsies?


I’m looking for a new main and I want a character that doesnt need to rely on heavy footies and can get in on the opponent without have to play much footsies or fight for ground control. I just want to constantly be in my opponents face. Any one have any ideas or suggestions?


All characters rely on their neutral game to some degree and higher level play has a tendency to put greater and greater emphasis on it to the point that chars that previously bypassed it due to some dominating method [usually DK] will find themselves somewhat back ended when their previously unbeatable strat proves very beatable.

The chars IMO who can somewhatttt skip footsies are DK chars [Rufus esp, sort of Yun, much less Cammy and Yang] and Viper. There are also chars that don’t have to stay in footsies for very long since when they land a hit they can start their relentless offense. Mak/Abel/Seth/Ibox come to mind.

My advice tho?


abel sounds kind of interesting…but he has no wakeup options. And i already play marvel…its my main game…but i just want a new char for ae as i still like this game.


FYI, abel is a footsie character


well…guess im not using him then


Viper? Who needs footsies when you have seismo and burnkick?

Ibuki? Most of her game revolves off of knockdown + vortex


ibuki?..i just might have to try her


C Viper, mostly because you can’t play footsies when you only have one functional foot. Also I don’t recommend you learn C Viper, because in the end no character is exempt from proper spacing and patience (regardless of how hardcore they are with footsies). There are no characters that can just go hard 24/7 and apply constant pressure in AE2012, anyone who says otherwise is salty from getting their ass kicked by someone WAAAAAY better than them.

And Seth only doesn’t have footsies when you are totally wrecking your opponent.


I hate this sentiment and you’re never going to get better unless you learn footsies.

No matter who you play, you are going to be forced to play footsies. Some character have mobility options to get in, but there’s always a risk in using these moves. Rufus has a divekick but that can still be anti-aired. If all you do is roll the dice and divekick, you’re going to lose to people that are patient and have good reactions.

Why are you so morally opposed to learning to poke? It actually leads to really interesting situations. In my opinion footsies is way more interesting than 50/50’s. Footsies is way more complicated than just hitting cr.mk with Ryu a lot and then uppercutting when they jump. Once you get a lot of moves involved, like sweeps, focus attacks, fireballs, neutral jumps, jabs, and dashes, the game becomes a lot more open.

You are not going to beat good players without playing a neutral game. It’s just not possible. It doesn’t matter who you pick.


i’m sorry but more than half the game with yang is footsies. even more so in sf4 2012 since everything else but his footsies got nerfed.


I guess i shouldve reworded my question a little better. I know how to play footsies pretty well. I just dont want to play a character that has to rely on footsies so much. What is a character that doesnt need to rely so heavly on footsies is what im asking. dont give me a lecture on footsies because i dont give a fuck. if you arent going to answer my simple question dont reply.


I guess Fuerte would probably be the least reliant on footsies, but any player with good footsies will beat you.
If you wanna be in someone’s face all day, just play Marvel. Footsies is what makes SF4 fun.


Seth, Viper, Rufus, Akuma, El Fuerte, Dee Jay, Dudley, Cody, Guy, and Makoto would all be worth trying out. Sakura doesn’t really need to play footsies besides hitting cr.mk because it’s such a good move and she does such high damage that if your execution is good you can win a round off one hit. All of these characters can get in, stay in, and win the round. Some of them have to work hard to get in and all of them are taking risks when they try to get back in when your opponent guess right one or two times in a row.

Characters to avoid: Rose, T Hawk, Balrog, Vega, Zangief, Blanka, Guile, Evil Ryu, Yang, Hakan, Sagat, Bison, Gouken, E Honda, Ken, Ryu, Chun Li


answers of ibuki are wrong. answers of any character not fuerte,viper,seth are probably wrong as well. the character that stays away from footsies the most is fuerte followed by viper followed by seth. ibuki is somwhere in there, but its low. she definitely as to footise as her only means of getting a knockdown is to actually play footsies and engineer a jumpin or dash in, and every once in an extrememly blue moon a random neutral game tsumuji into a knockdown. she needs to use her slide, her cr.mk and her cr.mp buffer as well as her sweep in order to gain knockdowns and maintain a proper zone. abel as well has to play footsies with his st.lk and his f+mk and the very occasional cr.mk and sweep.

fuerte is all splashes and fake splashes and some focus attacks. viper is burning kicks and mp seismos. seth is divekicks and wall jumps.
viper is the “best” non footsie to good character ratio. fuerte is bad so even though he basically has no footsies hes also not a great character. seth actually has to use “some” footsies.

the clear winner here is obviousy viper.
with bonus points for not having to think on wakeup.



Viper, Seth, El Fuerte. To a very limited extent, Rufus, although the better the skill of the player you’re facing, the more you’ll have to utilize footsies to start your offense.

Ibuki actually relies heavily on her ground game, despite her limited toolset to deal with high priority pokes and specials.


seriously the only character that never ever has to rely on traditional footsie spacing games is fuerte.

and he still has to do something like footsies, just the way he does it is really wierd


Rose relies on footsies, but at the same time, she some of the best normals and pokes in the game. Maybe instead of trying to avoid footsies, work your way around em. Rose is a good character to do that with.


I’m just going to say that footsies are the most beautiful and fun part of AE. There was this match recently (I think it was a SS2k12 qualifier) and michael tan FAd on reaction to loads of bonchan’s tiger shots, and punished. It just looked so clean


Not sure what you mean by this, since Rose is almost purely a footsies-based character. She’s like a more agile version of Chun. Her lackluster fireball is made up by her dominating pokes at a variety of ranges, both high, low, and as an anti-air, and her slide provides almost an auto-frame trap.


Probably either Viper or Fuerte. Fuerte is a random, run-based character. The more chaos you can cause, the better he is.

Viper is one of the only characters in the game you’re actually supposed to jump with and her normals aren’t all that good for the most part. She can still do big damange, she’s just insanely execution heavy.