What character playstyle do you like best?


do you like the in-your-face rushdown characters?
the projectile zoning character?
multi-stance character? or prehaps you like the basic ryu type of characters

tell me your favorite character playstyle

How do you choose your fighting game characters?

I don’t have any playstyle or character loyalties, so I’ve pretty much tried them all. Mixup-based rushdown, zoning (projectile and non-projectile), grapplers, etc. I enjoy all of them, but I have less experience with using grapplers than rushdown or zoning. I have even less experience with multi-stance characters besides using Avdol as a secondary character in JJBA.


It depends primarily on the game that I’m playing. Certain games cater to specific play styles, so you have to adjust your own style according to what’s most effective in that certain game.
[]In ST, I love Ryu and O.Guile. I love the strategy of being able to utilize a fireball to set the pace of the match, and control space, while being away of what my opponent’s options are. Both characters require very strong character knowledge to be able to them effectively at higher levels, and both have a great set of tools to win a majority of their matches. ST rewards a strong sense of fundamentals, including spacing, matchup strategies, character knowledge, reactions, anti-air choices, and defense.
]In SF4, I like Ibuki. Ibuki has a LOT of tools to utilize, and a lot of freedom to be able to perform whatever mixup that she wants, but she’s a glass cannon. High mix-up potential, but gets broken down easily, and limited defensive options. Hit confirms are essential in this game, and hers are quite strong. Mix-ups and option-selects on wakeup are important in this game, and she has both. Plus she requires high execution to perform advanced combos, which is always fun practicing and attempting during a live match.
[*]In SFxT, I like Rolento and Heihachi. Rolento is a dominating beast with footsies, and wins through lameness, and a solid ground-game. He has poor mixups and defensive options, but his entire gameplan is centered around NOT letting your opponent begin their mixups. Heihachi is the opposite, he relies SOLELY on mixups and damaging bnb combos, it’s all he really has. None of his pokes are particularly quick and abusive, and his defense game is pretty poor as well.
And in 3s, zoning is near non-existent. It favors aggressive and offensive characters, with extremely damaging combos, good hit confirms, high priority pokes, and extremely powerful super arts.


i would have to say that my favourite playstyle is Charlie Sheen


I prefer zoning but often times character favoritism takes priority. Of course this means that I will zone with characters that were not made to zone, like throwing out full screen beacon bombs covered by an assist with Tron.


I don’t have a specific one, but I have never used a projectile-zoning character. Ever.


I also favor zoning. Rachel Alucard, Cable and Peacock are all a blast to play (Juri too but i feel like i play her all wrong). Character’s who summon minions (like the aforementioned Rachel and Peacock) are especially fun. The constant battle between zoning and rush down is one of my favorite elements of fighting games.

Also zoning Tron is badass! ( I run Tron, Doom, and Morrigan haha.)


I play Hazama like Dhalsim. :U


I disagree sir…



Throw whatever you want. Jump if you have to. I’m still gonna catch you and put your head through the floor.


youve never seen the top japanese chuns play obviously


Never said she couldn’t beat you down offensively (he mentioned strong pokes and overpowered super arts), just thought i’d like to point out that 3S doesn’t necessarily favor aggressive offense


Oh ok, in that case, what you say is very true.


Every day is garbage day


Off course!


Still applies. Also, Chun is the exception amongst the top tiers. In a game that favors a strong ground game, deadly footsies, and damaging combos, there’s no doubt that Chun reigns supreme.

Ken, Yun, Makoto, Dudley, Urien.

You’ll find that all of them fit my previous statement.


I just dislike Chun-Li, but I do agree with your post


This is one of those he says she says things, but I wouldn’t consider Urien or Dudley very ‘aggressive’ chars - the game just promotes a very footsie oriented approach and most of the characters sit in that little niche. I would only consider Makoto[and too a lesser degree Yun/Ken] to really break the mold and just be a move forward char. IMO there’s a difference between a mixup and a aggressive char like mak in 3s is agg/mix and in 4 is footsie/mix. Really an opinion thing tho I grant.

I have to say my style has changed over time, I used to really love in your face run it down aggression, but as I’ve gotten better[older?] I like to hang back and frustrate the opponent a bit more. I still like having the ‘once chance to end it all’ thing which is oddly common in this new age of 10 hour combos almost regardless of character o_o


Everyone dislikes Chun-Li. Except Chun-Li players, because:

  1. They know she’s cheap, and don’t care.
  2. They want to pretend like they’re winning by skill, and not because of top tier abuse.


I tend to like passive-aggressive poking/zoning characters. I basically learned how to play fighting games with Chun-Li in Super Street Fighter II Turbo and since then, I’ve gone into every fighter I play with that mindset.