What character seem to be underated

Colossus in my opinion he’s a damn tank “Frank the Tank” he has lil’ variablity of combos but his power tacle is awesome so is his HP and HK and all u need his Super Armor no Power Dive crap.

A good Cammy on point. =(

I agree a good cammy on point owns :smiley:

Felicia - Excellent ground game, great speed, good meter builder, good +Tron and corner comboes, great assist punishment, abusable B+rk, fp throw, and airthrow, can FK. In general, a very reliable Second Tier character who most people think of as shit.

Anakaris - Good rushdown, can take on runaway Storm, a 300% combo with Cyke AA, good chipping, only assist in the game that has to be high blocked, just generally better than most think.

MegaMan - Very reliable anti-rushdown character, can trap with Sent-y or BH AA, can take on runaway Storm, good Proj assist, a couple of good ACs, should be considered Top Tier with Cyke and IM.

Dhalsim - Far better than most people think. Good comboes, good meter builder, can FK, only problem is a very steep learning curve.

Colossus - Very effective with Super Armor. Not really a Colossus player, but I’ve seen other people do some mad shit with him.

Omega Red - Most likely the best non-Top Tier meter builder. Abusable Omega Strike, effective comboes, good assist punishment, again the only major problem is a steep learning curve.

Servbot!!! - The most underrated character in MvC2! On Balance assist with Doom AA, Serv becomes a very effective zoning/chipping character. Definitely Second Tier. Rapes Sent for free.

(In no real order)
Omega Red
B.B. Hood
Silver Samurai
Ruby Heart

Yeah, I know that’s a big list. But these characters, IMO, are much better than what people give them credit for.

Jus’ my $.02.

  • Geronimo


Ruby Heart
Silver Samurai
Dan (then again I say that in any game he is in ;x)

Edit - Psylocke is one I forgot to add, although she’s not too hot taking damage

With the exception of Spiral, Cyke, BH, and Cammy, who I think most people realize the potential of, I agree with this entire list.

I’m pretty sure Chun li’s assist can hit high also.


-Rogue (Rushdown goddess, strong, fast, takes little damage and has an awesome rushdown game when paired with Sent G.)

-Megaman (J.FP nuff said.)

-Cap’n America (His Final Justice doesn’t scale so any combo beforehand an be lengthy, Final Justice is also one of the most powerful LV.1 supers in the game also. :D)

-Tron Bonne (Very, very powerful combos, infinite AD, a drill which can chip a tremendous amount of life.)


-Rubyheart (One frame startup supers, a decent AA assist, and a semi-infinte that requires meter.)

-Venom (Probably has the most potential under Rogue, Venom Fang has sick priority, chip, and can’t be punished when blocked even when guard cancelled!!!:eek: )

Well, for the most part, I know what you’re comin’ from. But the thing is, people have forgotten about that potential, and now usually underestimate or jus’ flat out don’t worry about them.

For example, when people fight against a team w/ Cyke or Cammy, most players will go for a snapback into one of those, into [hopeful] kill, for an easier match. But, as I was shown (I was watching this happen Friday night), snapping in Cyke is by no means a smart move. Because, if you snap him in, and don’t GB into kill, Cyke will fuck you up (of course, I’m using Magneto as the reference). Cyke backed by Sentinel <Y> assist is beastly, and can own Magneto if the player has never really faught against a Cyclops who actually knows how to fight and jus’ doesn’t go for [sj.hk, double-jump->dj.hk] all the time.

Now, as for Spiral, people underestimate her because they think that the discovery of Guard Canceling has made her trap, and thus her, useless. That isn’t true either. Spiral is [probably] still the #1 battery in the game. If you don’t/can’t play her to trap, then play her to zone. Also, her <A> assist is still very good for horizontal coverage and solid chip damage. Not to mention her <Y> assist is very good at keeping someone pinned down for a LONG time.

Also, little known fact, Spiral counters Sentinel/CapCom (and since she owns Cable too, that means she owns Team Scrubs).

For BH, people jus’ got lazy, and think that all he’s got is sj.hk, AD->sj.hk_hp. And once people found their way around that, along w/ the discovery of Gaurd Canceling (which made his #1 method of chip damage, Pillar XX HoD worthless, and even dangerous to use), they also “found” BH to be useless, and thus, stopped playing him. But what those same people don’t realize is that there is so much more to BH. BH’s light normals, are among the fastest and most prioritized in the game; his INF is brain-dead easy, does solid damage, and builds sick amounts of meter. Not to mention, w/ the right assists, it can be reset, and done again (which I also witnessed on Friday). Also, those same people also forgot that BH’s main purpose was (actually, is) to build meter, which he can still do, and still do better than about 85% of the characters in the game (this goes for Spiral as well). His AA assist (<A>, I think), should also still be the “run-away killing” assist of choice.

Jus’ my $.02/Hope that helps.

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Dhalsim/tron is good too

Duo’s are important to keep in mind, the characters in mention usually have some trouble matches, given the right assist, straight city.

sims c.fk is really easy to sj cancel, combine that with tron assist and watch the commando assist die!!!

GCing from Spiral’s trap isn’t easy either and I’ve never witnessed it done successfully outside of training mode.:o Spiral takes a lot of patience to win so no one really wants to deal damage by just chipping.:o

One person right now:

Felicia - Becoming one of my new favorite characters. She has an effective rush ground game, and mixed with Doom’s meteors, she can build herself good meter. Kitty litter does good chip, and Please Help Me is one of the better DHC supers that I’ve seen from the Capcom side.


B.B. Hood - She is my kamikaze bitch, almost nothing sweeter in this game then making people eat the chip from her cool hunting and then watching them try to rush her down only to be mined, comboed and robbed of their dignity. But shes a charge character which means shes AHVB bait for Cable.

Silver Samurai - Forget all those meter eating useless ice and fire supers, he is good enough without them. He is too slow for me to use on a regular basis but he fun to play with. This guy shines when he is part of an iceman killer team. Whenever there is a scrubby iceman in my arcade i use Spiral/Silver Samurai/Doom.

Captain Commando - I still think he has more potential then has been shown. I am always dissapointed to see people who dont wave dash with him. Goddam his wave dash is hard to master, but its fast as hell, there was this neo nazi guy in my arcade a couple of months ago and he had a
Captain commado/Cable/Cammy team(aryan race):lol: … anyway his Commando rushdown was just as good as any non-airdasher ive ever seen.

Juggs splash assist hits high also and does just as much damage as the punch.:evil:

Jugg splash & Chun axe kick assists also must be blocked high… in addition to the aforementioned Anak coffin drop, which is even more obscure/underused than the previous 2 (if that’s possible… :p:lol: ).

Jugg splash = no counter XX HC = :frowning:

Okay, I stand corrected on the high-block assist thing.

My bad; didn’t mean to pile on or anything… :smiley:

See y’all in ATL! :cool:

Yeah, I’m into underated rarely used characters too like Colossus, Gief and BH. Of couse the problem is it’s difficult to play against all the mags, stroms, cables and shit like that when options are limited and becoming proficient with those characters becomes a daunting challenge. Still, I refuse to join the bandwagon of mags and cables. I will still attempt to become good with the characters I like. If only MvC2 was a more balanced game with fewer bugs…mabye until MvC3, I don’t know…