What character should I play to learn the basics if


I want to play Dudley and Gen later on? Many thanks


Gen or Dudley… why would you play as someone else?


If i wanted to learn to play the guitar you think i should pick up the flute first?


Eh, I don’t think that’s a good strategy. When I picked up the game I wanted to play viper, so I played viper…and lost every single game online.
Not to be cliche, but I eventually picked ryu and it was the best thing I did to help me learn the game correctly.

Dudley and Gen are definitely not characters you should be learning the game with IMO. You’ll eventually get the hang of it, but I think that you’ll most likely get frustrated and quit before you start winning games unfortunately.


No I think you should pickup the cowbell instead of the flute.


Thanks prorook, thats what I’m saying, I’ve read they are high execution characters and I am still getting used to this game. I don’t necessarily want to win just yet, but I want to learn the basic mechanics of the game with a easy to learn difficult to master kind of character, something to break me in.


They’re not really high execution. You learn to do what you have to do to play the character. Execution is irrelevant.

There are some character that have to rely more on combos though and when you’re unable to perform them you’re not going to get very far.

If you really want to learn the basics of street fighter then play a character that can win without combos.


doesn’t pretty much everyone lose every game when they first start?


pick someone that looks like they’d be fun to play/who suits you.



Why waste time playing with a character to learn the basics if you are just going to switch to a completely different character and have to almost start all over?

Start with Dudley or Gen depending on who you like the most and stick with them. And plan to lose a lot until you get really good, that’s part of the learning experience.


Many players and even Capcom, themselves, advocate using Ken as your starter character. There was an excellent article published on it back in the Vanilla SF4 days and that’s why, if you heard of online Vanilla SF4, had a high ratio of Ken players. The game was new and everyone started off with Ken to learn the basics.

As time progressed, people moved on to new characters. That’s why there is a bit more variety of characters you face online now in Super. However, since it sounds like you are just starting out, you can stick to the same training wheels everyone has had back then and use Ken for now.

Typically, there is a hidden culture within online play. People know about this whole Ken thing. If you go online with Ken and you have low Battle Points, people tend to take it easier on you and play in a way to help you improve. It’s pretty nice. You’ll make tons of friends by maining Ken first.

Good luck! :woot:


^ What he said


no offense, this is not a good analogy.

Ryu is strong in all of the fundamentals. Ryu is the best character for new players.


Gen is a tough cookie to play, Dudley is a bit easier, but isn’t the best “beginner” character. But who is saying you can’t start out as Dudley or Gen? If you like that character, you should practice and practice with that character.


Posts like this make me happy that I joined SRK to learn SSF4. Thank you.


you shouldnt be giving advice if youre still a beginner. not to be a dick, but you are still learning the basics yourself, and you didnt follow the advice you just gave. didnt you go from viper (your favorite character) to Ryu?


:stuck_out_tongue: I remember giving you that same advice a whee while ago


a good half of the questions in this forum are the product of people massively overthinking what it takes to get good at a video game

just play the fucking game, christ. do you think when sf2 came out in arcades people were trying to analyse the quickest route to get good? no they just played the fucking game.


Part of the new age when all games are dumbed down easymode cheese. Sad to be a part of a generation of lazy degenerates.


I don’t see how someone trying to gain insight on something he’s willing to put the work in to get better at the game is tantamount to laziness. Obviously he’s going to play the game if he signed on to a fighting game website to ask questions about it. Why wouldn’t anyone want to take advantage of the easily accessible information that is available today? It brings newcomers up to speed quicker, and thus the scene becomes more competitive because of the steady circulation and spread of information.

Anyway to the op:

You don’t need to play any one character to learn the basics. On paper, maybe Ryu and Ken are the best candidates but really it is entirely subjective. Personally, I played all the characters to learn the basics. I slowly learned what defines each character, went to training mode and tested out the properties of attacks and everything else you could possibly imagine. I then try to incorporate my knowledge in a real match. Luckily I have a friend to play the game with so If you can, try to find a good real life training dummy. Every element of the game’s mechanics stretches out throughout the cast, and you start to gain an understanding of the spectrum of the game elements each character is a part of. You figure out why “x” character is considered to be good at footsies, and then why “y” character is bad at footsies. Thus developing a comprehensive knowledge on what footsies are in ssf4 through character examples. Its all relative.