What character to pick up?


Been playing now for about 2 years on xbox 360.

After having played random characters for a long time, I feel like I want to main a character. I have a list of characters that I could think of as making my main.
I would also like to look to the future where we get USF4 and everything will change and rebalanced. For example, will the delayed wakeup feature really mess up Abel’s mixup game? Basically I would like a well rounded character for USF4.

My exection is ok, I play on stick and have reconfigurated my button layout so I can b-link light punch but still need to get used to this. I also plink almost everything else. Combos are normally no problem for me to pull of.

What character would be a good choice for USF4?

Evil Ryu
El fuerte


What character do you like most? Play that one.


Here’s what to do…

  1. Wait until USF4 is released
  2. Buy/rent/acquire the game
  3. Play through the cast for as long as you like.
  4. Whichever character you like the best…you main.


Pick the new girl.




Some links to help you decided. You should just play who you like… or a top tier, best go with a top tier.


You will be more dedicated to the game and willing to learn if you pick a character you like. Just do yourself a favor and make sure that character isn’t M. Bison -.-


I know Justin Wong knows more than me, but I think that T-Hawk is honestly more offensive than defensive - Much to his dismay.


Play as El Fuerte. Costume 2, in pink.


This is probably the best answer.


you said you would like a well rounded character, maybe Akuma is good choice for you.


Ibuki’s JP voice alone makes her a worthy main. So extremely cute.


and this is why you will always be behind Japan.


By “Jun”, do you mean Juri, or Yun? :looney:


To me this is the best answer, but if you still cannot decide play everyone a little bit and that will help decide based on who you are most comfortable with and who you are having the most fun with. Same rule applies to all fighting games and any game with a multitude of playable characters.


Jun Kazama DLC.