What characters are the deadliest in a corner?


Urien, Dudley, Necro, and Akuma

would be my first thoughts but I’m far from the best so perhaps there’s something I’m missing.


if you get knocked down alex and makoto are pretty mean in the corner too.




Um… Yun with a GJ charged?


Q is deadly no matter where he is. that dude’s just too deadly. :eek:


Hugo, Necro, Q, Urien…and how much red bull one has had.


Mr. T.


urien(SA3), yun(SA3), dudley.


Jab trab
A footsie game only outmatched by Makoto
Quick walk into Throw
Blocked s.foward->cmd dash Throw
f+foward->cmd dash Throw

Jump in air chain, s.jab, s.strong (2 hit), c.roundhouse, s.roundhouse-> Superjump after them repeat


dudley, maybe u can be juggled with rh, and the rose owns u


Makoto (SA2) is most deaadly when in corner (her being the one cornered). Otherwise I would say maybe Urien with meter or Dudley… yun/chun with meter is deadly anywhere anytime.


Q’s best strategy is to jump at his opponent with The Claw, which scares them into the corner. It’s… too good.


I’m going to have to start using this “claw” some more.


top 3 is Dudley, Makoto, Chun


you really are a tard huh?

please, define footsies, cuz I always thought makoto had TERRIBLE footsies


he probably thinks footsie=spamming cr. forward.


With Makoto what other move do you need for footsie? It’s fast, has insane priority, great range, and does good damage.

Footsies is when two players poke using crouching kick moves. It’s all about speed, and priority when it comes to footsie games.

Which you would know if you weren’t a “tard” yourself :rolleyes:


agreed :lol: :lol:

Forget that stupid word though. Everybody seems to use different connatation and what the word “footsies” is technically suppose to mean. Seems something as innane as disagreeing over semantics has people in an uproar as of late (see CvS2 forums). It’s all lame if you ask me…


Q, necro, hugo, yun, ken, and dudley


Urien - pretty much purely for aegis stuff

Can’t really say a specific order because it depends on the quality of the player.


Dont forget Chun
but with meter shes dangerous everywhere