What characters did you drop in vanilla and why?

Basically what the title says. I know top players have pretty much dropped their day one teams several times. Sanford and Yipes teams have seen major revisions, as well as Viscant’s. There are few top players that are still grinding it with their day 1 teams (combofiend, Andre Lambert, and Clockwork amongst the few). I’m sure regular players have dropped several characters throughout the short lifespan of this game.

For me:


Trish - Really thought I was going to go all the way with her, but then I started dealing with Wesker. Plus characters she work well with are characters I simply don’t like

MODOK - I honestly though I’d grind it out with him, but early loses with him became too frustrating. This character made me hella salty.

Hulk - I actually put the most time in with this character before dropping him. I dropped him because of the assist needed to make him work at high levels.

Storm - Wesker bodied my Storm free. Tried to put in some work with her, but after I picked up Magneto, I really couldn’t find any reason to use her anymore.

Thor - I loved his damage, but too slow. Plus at high level Thor becomes random, and I prefer a cleaner playstyle.

Start team:

MODOK, Trish, Dorm

Transitional teams

Magneto, Hulk, Sentinel

End team:

Magneto, Sentinel, Dorm

Dropped =

Chun Li - Dropped her early on with my day one Buktooth team of Chun/Wesker/Doom. I picked this team up cuz I knew Buk was a smart player and just wanted a simple team I could learn the mechanics of the game with. The only character on this team I really liked was Doom (I swore I would pick Doom from day one because I knew his assists were gonna be sick) but I liked the team because Wesker seemed so ridiculous and solid and Chun had fun combos. I just hated how the only fun thing about Chun was her combos. Had way too hard time getting in and this is in Vanilla where lame still loses pretty hard to rush. Her gameplay in general just seemed too one dimensional to me and just kinda reminded me of Rufus in SFIV just grinding in but getting lamed out until you finally get in. Then just scaring people with legs and general combos that scale and are really better off for just building meter for the other team members. Except characters like Dante and Magneto can build more meter and then kill you off. Got rid of her once I saw DHC glitch basically .

Wesker - I actually found Wesker fun to play. He wasn’t my favorite character ever or anything but he kinda fit my style with a bit of everything. I made a little bit of things work with him with Doom’s beam but teleport + beam mix up scales kinda hard and Wesker is already very reset driven. I didn’t really like the way shit scaled when I landed a beam when his supers are already some of the worst for combo finishes and DHC synergy. I mainly used him just because it was funny how he seemed completely more ridiculous than Sentinel but people were running Sentinel like he was some god of the game. Taught me early on to just not really give a shit about Sentinel (O.Sent) because he could shut him down nicely and had a completely better mix up game and ability to get in. I paired Wesker up with X-23 for DHC glitch purposes but got tired of having to rely on DHC glitch to get damage and I noticed relying on the DHC glitch made me lazy about learning Wesker and X-23. Which X-23 is not a character you wanna be lazy with learning cuz you’ll just lose a lot. I started to get bored of Wesker and dropped him.

Akuma - Used him for a short stint as a replacement for Doom assist on my X-23/Wesker/Akuma team. I liked the options and the combos with the double relaunches but the team didn’t really maximize X-23’s dirt nap and was still kinda DHC glitch reliant. The Akuma assist was nice for X-23 and I might have stayed with it longer if I learned about assist + mirage feint left rights during that time. The main issue I had with the team was that it kept X-23 effective only at close range and lost to Trish/Magneto turtling in the air or any projectile character plus drones laming out. This was also before I learned a lot of the techniques I know now about getting in with X-23 so I just got tired of it. Plus Akuma was extremely boring for me to play and nowhere near as fun as I remembered Doom was. He was cool when he had meter but if I didn’t have a bunch of meter it was just a lot of random wave dashing and tatsus. Wasn’t technical enough for me. I went back into training mode and played X-23/Wesker/Doom again and loved the Doom beam and started normal dash cancelling and doing combos with Doom and was like…“This is WAAAY more fun than Akuma”. Dropped Akuma.

I then realized how well Dante worked with X-23 for her dirt nap and how jam session gave her an assist that could bring down air turtling characters. I realized Dante could do DHC glitch damage without doing the DHC glitch and having Dante up first gave a perfect DHC between X-23, Dante and Doom and I was pretty much hooked. Plus it felt like Dante didn’t lose any matchups and had a tool for every situation. If Dante died then I always had X-23 and Doom and X-23 and Doom have nice DHC and XF synergy. I wanted to use Dante from day one but I heard how “hard” he was to use and how many special moves he had. Which meant I didn’t wanna get blown up learning him while trying to learn the game. That was the mistake I made in SFIV and didn’t want to do it again in MVC3. I’m always gonna pick easy characters now in new games, learn the mechanics first then go to harder characters.

The funny thing was I saw how people were doing really basic pokes and air dashes with Dante and getting huge pay off with just solid reads. No like crazy up down air dashing or flight cancelling techniques. Just like basic air dash get in and staggered c.L’s to get people off mashing advance guard. I saw how they only really ever used like 4 of his moves ever + assist and would just TEAR through whole teams with Dante alone. I was like "WTF I can do that that’s not that hard’ and picked up Dante.

Which had me ending up with a team of all characters that I strangely enough wanted to play from the beginning. I had been waiting for like 10 years to see Dante in Marvel and finally he was in. X-23 looked really cool and I could tell she was basically like Marvel Ibuki for me but I heard she was hard to play. Yet they both work really well together and both fit my style and Doom is also technical but has cheesy fun stuff and great assist for Dante and X-23 also. ** Worked out perfect and now I have my main team that I will stay with into Ultimate since it’s basically only getting better. Dante/X-23/Doom. So goooood. Both Dante and X-23 work like magic with beam assist also.**

Looking at using Vergil/Strange/Strider and Vergil/Doom/Morrigan as side teams also.

I went from using Wolverine/Iron-Man/Sentinel to Wolverine/Sentinel/Spencer.
I’ll randomly use Wolverine/Taskmaster/Sentinel though.

I dropped Iron-Man mainly because too little for too much effort (which is why I never played Zero). And I always knew Spencer was going to be upper-mid tier (even before Mike Ross started using him. I called it as soon as I saw Bionic Arm).


Tron. Like I do in all games, I just rolled with the characters I liked the most. In this case, it happened to be Hsien-Ko, Tron, and after trying to decide who to be my anchor, Doom.

Started using Tron’s drill assist to try to extend combos, that didn’t work out. Switched to Gustaff Flame because it looked like a “decent” anti-air. Found out it could nullify beams and projectiles, was happy. Then saw Justin using it, the Tron train took off, I was stoked to see an assist I used be used for all sorts of stuff over the course of a few months.

I slowly realized that she had a hard time on point (despite what she could do once she actually got to the opponent), and, because of some silly character loyalty to Hsien-Ko, dropped Tron to a funzies team because there ain’t room for two gimped characters on my team. Doom left because I didn’t like how clunky he felt (though if I had given him more time, I probably would’ve grown to like him, though I was just playing at my friend’s house at the time so I couldn’t really get any consistent training in). Now it’s Spencer, Hsien-Ko, Taskmaster.

Maybe I should’ve left Doom on there after all…

The end.

played zero/tron from the start. played zero because i liked the way his sword sounded in combos… lol. chose tron because I was doing an illustration about air pirates at the time and naturally I was interested in her.

-tried akuma on anchor, if zero died then tron became dead weight so I needed a change

-went to wesker on anchor which allowed easy buster into OTG, and if zero died then tron can DHC glitch into wesker still. a bit better but still felt like tron was struggling

-picked up magneto when the game got boring and learned ROM and hypergrav as my only 2 staples. magneto, zero, tron is my new team with DHC glitches and TODs all over. if a character dies then i still have a viable team all around and if zero/magnus dies then that activates lvl 3 dark tron which is probably when my team is at its scariest ;]

lookin’ forward to using Zero, Strange, Doom and Strange, Fist, Doom as my umvc3 main teams. :]

magneto doesn’t have the ROM in MvC3. It’s just a fierce punch loop.

Dante - I tried playing this character for a while, but I got bored of him for some reason.
Amaterasu - I’m a fan of this character and tried to play her from the beginning, but her playstyle just didn’t seem to work for me.
Phoenix - I initally picked up this character because she seemed interesting, but I quickly dropped her because it seemed like I would be hindering myself in learning the game, especially things like meter management.
Wesker - I think Wesker is probably the ultimate noob character. I was really drawn to him when I discovered him, since he makes it feel fun and satisfying to do really simple things. Eventually, I realized how shallow his gameplay really was, so I got bored and dropped him.
X-23 - For a while, I thought she was the cheapest character in the game, but I wasn’t able to get much success with her.
Storm - I thought this character had a lot of potential, but I couldn’t really get the hang of her either. I haven’t really dropped her, but she’s not on my main team.
Morrigan - This is another character who I thought had a lot of potential but just didn’t work well for me. I haven’t dropped her, but she’s not on my main team.
Sentinel - He is fun. He’s not very good, though.
Jill - I like this character somewhat, but I never found a team I really liked with her.

Start team:
Dante, Amaterasu, Phoenix

Transitional teams:
Wesker, Amaterasu, Doctor Doom
Wesker, Storm, Dante
Wesker, Storm, Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom, Storm, Sentinel
Doctor Doom, Spencer, Wesker
Storm, Morrigan, Doctor Doom
Jill, Morrigan, Doctor Doom

End team:
Doctor Doom, Spencer, Haggar

With the incoming Haggar nerf in UMvC3, I’m in the market for a new 3rd team member. I wonder if I can make a good team with Ghost Rider and Doctor Doom on it…

In random order (although I dont usually “drop” characters, I just dont play them on my main team):

C. Viper - Too execution heavy. My combos become a lot less reliable when I’m on P2’s side because I cant do rdps 100% of the time. Also, I never really liked characters with short range normals. Still use her for fun though

Deadpool - I started using him Day 1 bc of the comics I read on Marvel’s site but again another character that I dropped because of my terrible execution of rdps. I also dont like characters that are basically made to zone until they get a hit. Won a online tournament with him in my Day 1 team but havent really used him since.

Trish - A character I used just because I heard she was from DMC. I stopped playing her but only because at the time, I felt like she was good for nothing but spamming dive kicks into combo into super and a little chip damage here and there. Also was in my Day 1 team but I havent played her in awhile. Might learn her just to have a DMC team in Ultimate.

Iron Man - Really couldnt figure out his combos as well as his flight combos. The fact that he required good execution and did only ok damage also made me drop him pretty fast.

Doom - IDK I might try him out again. I more or less dropped him just because I didnt feel like learning a new character with Ultimate coming out in under a month.

?? i made up the name… rapid obliqued molestation

the rom loop

started with Wesker/Ammy/Akuma. then it went on to become…

  1. Wesker/Ammy/Dorm
  2. Wesker/Ammy/Doom
  3. Wesker/Thor/Storm
  4. Wesker/Skrull/Doom
  5. Wesker/Magneto/Doom
  6. Magneto/Wesker/Sentinel
  7. Magneto/Dante/Wesker
  8. C.Viper/Magneto/Doom (last team before I move onto my Strange/Vergil/Doom team in UMVC3)

so as you can see I had quite an identity crisis with my team pretty much until only a couple of months ago or so when I learned Viper.

Why I dropped…

Wesker- I picked my first team because I was fans of the series they hailed from. I was especially excited to play Wesker because this mofo was just too cool in RE5. so I played him. lo and behold, he was godlike and the perfect starting point for learning the new game for his normals and easy mode combos. I ultimately dropped him because I felt that I needed more freedom and raw damage, so I replaced him with Viper in the end. for such a badass character you’d think he’d have ridiculous combos. I liked picking people up with the Viscant resets and stuff like that but I hated the way his shit scaled damage.

Ammy- another character I liked because of the game she came from. early on as my execution was still ass, I found her stance changing mechanics pretty confusing. Cold Star was an amazing assist but overall, I wasn’t really feeling how she played. needed more damage and her combos seemed too basic and low-damage. I honestly could go back to playing Ammy and roll team Marlinpie, but I always like the insurance of a high health character (Doom) anchoring the team.

Akuma- stubby normals that frustrated the shit out of me as I tried to make him good on point with Wesker-style corner mixups. all I ever ended up using him for was for his anchoring abilities and tatsu, tatsu, tatsu. same goes for Sentinel minus the stubby normals.

Dorm- ridiculous damage and amazing zoning but the dude was just too slow for me. that’s pretty much all there was to it.

Thor, Skrull, and Storm- mid tier warriors who I respect just cuz they’re mid tier. figured playing mid tier would make me feel cool so I did. turns out they weren’t my style at all.

Dante- cynical bastard with cheap shit that frustrated me so I played him to understand more of what he could do. dropped him because I didn’t like him even though in theory Mag/Dante/Wesker is a really cheap team. fyi, I also hate rekka motions.

Hsien-Ko was the character I was most hyped for pre-release. Dropped her completely in about 3 weeks. Haven’t changed my team since.

I will likely be dropping Morrigan when Ultimate comes out. I plan to keep playing Task/Felicia, but I’ll definitely be experimenting with other characters and team arrangements.

I once dropped shuma gorath. I missed the tentacle rape, so I undropped him.

Chunli-She is ass, dropped
Hulk- I lost brain cells playing this character
Storm- I learned about magneto
Iron man- I learned about Victor von Footdive
Sentinel- Dropped for mango sentinel
She hulk- idk
Training Mode character select music/mvc2 remix- She never took me for a ride :frowning:

I ran Magneto/Zero/Sentinel prepatch and Magneto/Zero/Akuma post patch for the longest time before I realized that having LMH macroed to R2 causes Magneto’s H loops to lag and not work. This was problematic for me because having L macroed on L2 for Buster and having LM macroed to R2 as an air dash would negate Zero’s airdash and I’m too lazy to press two buttons for super/airdash with Zero, so I had to drop Zero from my main team and replace him with Wolverine ( =/ ), while I ran a separate Zero team in the form of Zero/Dante/Sentinel.

Before the game came out i have already picked Task & dorm my third went from wesker, deadpool, akuma, iron man and doom at the moment my third character is ironman and doom.


while I actually loved the shadow blade assist

she just didn’t do enough damage for the work I’d have to do , and moving her about was much harder than it should of been

**storm **

picked magneto instead , same combos more or less more damage

Dropped Ammy - I tried putting in the time for Ammy, but not to the point where I completely grasped her game. Something just bugged me about her and X23 health issues, and when Sentinel got patched that was pretty much a wrap. I know a lot of people will say that was a dumb reason, but I was basically using Ammy because her Cold Star setups that were so good early in the metagame. Hsienko - Hsienko was actually my Day 1 pick along with Doom and Sent lol. On the same day I fought my brother in a online match and he was using X23/Ammy/Ryu, I pretty much got raped. That’s what got me so interested in X23 and making her work like he did, he made Hsienko look slow as hell. After the set, I stole his combination of X23/Ammy setups and added Sent as my own choice because he was so powerful. By the end of day 1, I was running X23/Ammy/Sentinel as my go-to team. Storm - I simply used Storm because I thought Hailstorm was so good. OTG, DHC, rape assist, etc. But the character in general didn’t really suit my playing style, and those tri-jumps on pad (I’m a pad player) are horrendous Taskmaster - I loved his zoning and assist, but he felt boring to me. I started using him simply for the assist, in short I felt I never would of truly grasped some of the game mechiancs if I kept picking him. Iron Man - When I was looking for an projectile to compliment my X23 game, I picked up Iron Man because I got discourage from learning Doom manuevers/dropping bnbs. Although I loved his Unibeam assist, he seemed too generic unless you mastered his refly/unfly combos which require some work. I also felt he couldn’t handle some of the top anchors in this game and I wasn’t amazed by his XF3 boost. Akuma - Shitty normals, always felt I needed XF to do anything with him. Day 1 Team X23/Ammy/Sentinel Ending Vanilla Team ???/X23/Doom About ??? - Yeah it’s looking like I will never actually find a good point man nearing the end of vanilla. Sometimes it’s Dante and I just leech off DJ’s team, or Hulk inspired from FFH. Sometimes it’s even Wesker and point X23 just to optimize DHC glitch, I’m always reading the X23 forums to see what people are running and learn from them. I’m excited about some of the new characters because maybe I can find a true keeper.

Dropped: Zero, Doom, Sentinel, Ammy, Taskmaster (kind of)

First team was Zero/Sentinel/Doom, played it thinking it’d be like MvC2 clockw0rk. Didn’t like Doom so I picked up Ammy. Sentinel got patched so I just learned She-Hulk/Ammy/Tron. Saw the early Taskmaster relaunches and Nerdjosh playing Shulk/Task/Tron so I swapped Ammy for him. Literally everyone I know and/or play with has a Dante so I learned him and just swapped out Task.

Ended with She-Hulk/Dante/Tron

I can play Magneto, Storm, Wesker, Akuma, and Phoenix too, but really who can’t?

Chun: Only thing I liked about her was her combos, which I soon discovered were nearly impossible online. I kept trying because I adore that smile in her win pose, but I hardly ever got to see it anyway. Dropped

Wesker: Originally picked him because Albert’s just a badass. As I started getting better at the game I found him to be really boring. Dropped, but sometimes use him when I’m pissed from losing a lot.

Hsien-ko: Because Hsien-ko.

I’ve had too many teams to list, likely due to the fact I spend waaaay more time in training mode than actually fighting other people. As of late I run Dante and whoever I feel like experimenting with at that moment.

MODOK. Honestly trying to get decent with him day 1 was a bit overwhelming for me and my shitty execution. So I went to the easy mode tier of Hulk/Deadpool/Sentinel.

Then I dropped Sentinel cuz he made me feel unclean the first week. Put Task in his place and been set ever since.

Hsien-Ko: I was hyped as fuck for her after her reveal, but she’s just straight-up garbage in this game. Everything I loved about her gameplay from VS is gone or completely shitty.

Morrigan: Another character I planned on using before release, problem is that although it’s probably her best incarnation in a Vs game she just feels somewhat… “limited”. She’s not bad per se, I just couldn’t feel it.

X-23: Pretty much the same as Morrigan.

Tron: Used her up until recently, dropped her so I wouldn’t rely on her assist, considering she’ll likely be completely ass in Ultimate - I can understand nerfing her assist, but they made her even worse on point. Hsien-Ko looks like a legit character in comparison.