What characters do you like to fight against?

I just want to know what character do you like to play against. For me personally, I love playing against Ryu and O. Sagat in ST. I also like playing against Chun-Li in 3s.

For one I like playing against Ryu, because as a Guile and Dhalsim player, I like trying to outzone him. It also forces me to work on my spacing and footsies more. O. Sagat is much the same, as you have to find creative ways to get in on him. It makes me feel as if I am really thinking in the game.

Chun-Li makes me play more with more caution and worry about footsies in 3s. I know everyone hates this match. I play Urien and Q. It’s a really good match based on fundementals

In other games I like playing against Eddie in GGXXAC and Sentinel in Marvel. Both force me to really think and make less mistakes.

Some characters I dislike playing against are Vega (Claw) in ST, Chun-Li, etc. Basically characters with skinny hitboxes and retarded priority. They are both unrushable and unzonable for the most part.

Who do you like playing against? And who do you dislike playing against?

I like to play against boxer, Ryu, D-Jay in ST (I play Guile too).

Boxer: Not sure why… the adrenaline?
Ryu: same reason as above, outzoning is pretty interesting, and Ryu is a char I play too, so it’s interesting to predict the opponent’s moves and compare with what I would have done in the same situation…
D-Jay: Guile and D-Jay have a similar was to rush, so I need to outrush him in a similar way that he usually does… Guile vs. DJ matches are usually pretty nice to watch!

I hate to play against Chun-li… in any version of Street Fighter!

Ky, Axl, Venom and Potemkin in GGXX:AC
(I play Jam)

Ky: because the match up is completely in my favor and it feels good to rape the other guy sometimes!
Axl: I like the “keep me away and I lose… but let me get-in and I’ll rape yo’ass soooo horribly that you’ll fear to play video games for the rest of your life!” concept!

Basically, the whole Match I need to try to get in range, and he needs to keep me away (because if I manage to approach, he’ll suffer an painful loss!)… I like to feel the opponent crapping his pants when I put pressure on him!

Venom: No reason, I just like it… pretty interesting match-up for Jam. I need to think quickly the trajectories of his balls and try to go through the patterns… I like shmups, that’s prolly the reason.

Jam vs. Pot = Mini-skirt little bitch screaming and rushing the shit down the huge dude FTW!!! ^^

I like winning against top tiers and standard chars.

lol, you’re a masochist.

It’s not so much the characters that I like playing against, it’s more so the actual play style of the person. I’d rather they strictly win with fundamentals rather than gimmicks I’ve never seen.

So I guess I would have to say standard characters and the Guile/Shoto clones. Playing really good players who break the mold and add technicalities to their game makes it very interesting. I see a couple of these guys on A2 GGPO. I strive to do just the same. I just wish there were more of these kinds of players.

Shoto’s espically Ken and Ryu.

Shotos (i play as a shoto but still) specially Ken with his waking up shoryuken lol.

low tiers used by skilled players. I get a rush playing against a good 12 or Sean or whoever that I just don’t feel when I am up against the top characters. plus I really don’t know what to expect since I never see anyone use them. It’s a lot of fun.

i like to fight top tiers.
i don’t like to fight bottom tiers because i feel they’re undestimating me, or making fun of me.

I like to fight AGAINST fireball characters with NON fireballers. Bison - Blanka - Boxer vs Ryu/Ken/Guile/Sagat.

Its like poking/spacing, jumpins, the DAMM GAME just got more interesting, intense, etc… specially if there is HIGH REWARDS in your character (Bison ToD in ST, Blanka low jump shenanigans in CvS2, etc)

I have a related question that I want to add into this thread:

Do your favourite characters to play as tend to be your most favourite or your least favourite to play against?

I love to play Blanka, but I have to fight him. If you pick Blanka, fuck youuuu.

I feel I’m playing a more thoughtful game when I vs. O. Sagat. That is my favorite character to play against (playing N. Ken).

I don’t particularly enjoy or dislike fighting ST Ken with any character.

I like to play against any character that’s not garbage (ex. Sean). I don’t care if the player is good with Sean, the match would be so much more interesting if he spent all the time becoming the best Sean player on, say, becoming the best Dudley player.

In SF, yes. It’s interesting to see how other people play your main and what kind of stuff works on you.

But I hate mirror matches so if someone plays Guile, I’ll pick Ryu or Cammy.

In GG, it’s another story…
I just can’t hit Jam… love the char waaaay too much to beat her up…
So I just pass.
(A man should have principles!)

Truth is, I have no idea how to play other chars in this game…

I absolutely hate mirror matches and I don’t know why. Pick anybody, even god tier characters, just not the same damn character. For some reason it completely psyches me out.

Was talking to VDO during Final Round.; he and I both agree that even though its frustrating at times, working our low-tier teams against the God/top tier is very exciting.

Its like you’re in some other genre of game, and ever single fight is a boss battle or something. :nunchuck: