What characters have even or good matchups against Chun?



At Shadowloo Showdown the 3s commentators were talking about how Yun v Chun used to be in Yun’s favor, but now with some new fancy tech people discovered or whatever, it’s mostly even or maybe in Chun’s favor.

So if we accept that suggestion, what characters go even with Chun or have positive matchups?

On a related note, most tier lists I’ve seen have Elena vs Chun pretty heavily in Chun’s favor. Why is that the case? Since I play both characters I’ve played a lot on both sides of that matchup and it doesn’t seem ugly for Elena. And Elena is one of my hardest matchups for Chun. That’s all somewhere in the low to middle skill level where I exist, maybe it changes as you keep getting better? I’m curious to hear thoughts on that matchup if anyone has them.


Kuroda thinks that Ken has the best chance against Chun btw


Ken and yun. Ken being more troublesome to me personally. Makoto always feels 50 50 to me, depending on the player and if I cant keep the bitch out of my face lol.


Definitely nobody has an advantage against Chun.


imo these characters can go toe to toe with chun:


these characters can struggle but its not free by any means:

really hard…needs to play really sick or guess right a lot:

Pretty free for chun:

Snowball in hell:


why is it that oro is so terrible against chun? I don’t really play either character so idk why but what makes him even worse than Q/alex/hugo


Chun is one of the most float-friendly characters in the game, where certain combos work on her, that don’t even land on the others.
Oro has some of most long lasting and damaging juggles in the game…

Do the math.


Point you aint making any sense


11months later…
Oro v. Chun. - I’d assume in this matchup Oro’s trying to pick apart Chun in the mid range footsie game with his decent normals… Thing is, Chun’s are infinitely better. So it pretty much comes down to being better at your own game w/ Oro v. Chun. Chun controls all the space where Oro would like to occupy with moves. That and stocked SAII is always a good fireball deterrent. One good combo with Oro though and it can be lights out for Chun w/ crossup SA2 potential… But then again, that’s not a character specific thing…


I sub both characters though I’m not good with either, personally I’d say it’s more because all of Oro’s good pokes (including the ones that typical destroy low-forward type moves) all whiff on crouching Chun. Probably not as crucial, but Chun can jump back short/forward all his jump in attempts and when it’s spaced correctly, it’s hard for Oro to punish even on parry. Most of the matches I’ve played (both sides) or seen where Oro won, it was because the Chun wasn’t on point with her AA and she ate a really deep jump-in chicken, lol.

Maybe someone better can tell you more. In the west I really doubt you’d be able to find too many Chuns that know the match-up, however. If Chun is ever putting herself at the range where she can be punished by parry > close MP, then it’s no longer 8-2.