What characters shouldn't be played online?


After playing the newer gen of these games, its easy to understand that the level of input latency is high due to the fact that they are 3d games with a high frame count(dynamics, event functions of the background, etc). There may be mixups and situational tactics you are going to have to lay off on since they require execution not available online, or it just may be the character that you are using who has tactics that can be deemed unsafe.

Are high-execution characters, faster attacking character bad for use online? In an example, like UMvC3, it’s not every day you’ll spot a C.V, or M.O.D.O.K, due to their pressure/cancel/ zoning options. Simple BnBs don’t do solid damage, and with any luck, you’ll skim past the 500,000 dmg mark with an assist you’ll have to rely on. You’ll have to work around the lag to feel comfortable with matchups you know

What characters have been not too good on the side of online latency? Name the series, and the reason if you could.


I can only think of Rufus from AE. Maybe Abel. Sakura relies a lot on tight timings to really lay on the damage, but I’m not sure that she’s completely out of options if she can’t do her tatsu stuff.


Honestly, it comes down to having decent online. Most people have varying definitions of this (from “online is unacceptable” to “if I don’t see lag, it’s acceptable.”) Then you have to figure out if you’re playing someone on a good connection or a decent connection. It’s really a complete waste of time to try playing someone on a bad connection (nobody learns anything and neither of you are playing the game how it should be played.) If you talk to anybody who played more than a few games offline with UMvC3, they’d probably tell you the online is pretty bad. I would agree with them…anyway.

The more lag you have, the more abuseable certain things become. Normally unsafe moves will more often than not, become safe. Characters that rely on reaction based gameplay become harder to use. Characters with high execution are generally harder to use if you’re not relying on muscle memory.

1f links like Rufus, Sakura, Abel, etc. aren’t too hard to do online because of muscle memory. It’s arguably harder to play characters like Claw online because of the reactions and timing needed to AA opponents, being a ground based character, and what not. Real footsies online can be a pain in the ass for some characters if you can’t whiff punish reliably. Hit confirming one of your air pokes into ROM with Magneto online on UMvC3 is probably pretty difficult too.


Its like everything I’m using online has gone out the window on UMvC3. I do rely on online play to get better and even though you may see a full green bar, it’s not always promising that you’ll get a reasonable match.

I agree with the muscle memory segment for those 1f characters(I do mess up his simple links with C.Viper), but when it is time to punish your characters, I think I am being too confident in trying to complete 1f combos online. Do you think Gen is hard to use?


I’d say that any character can be played online. Even offline, MODOK and Viper aren’t seen much because they don’t do much damage and Wesker is easier to play.
Just don’t join yellow bar connections, 5 bars is pretty much the only acceptable connenction unless you want stuttering/input lag.


trying to do optimal Shuma combos will have you want to break a hole in your tv. dont try it. Combos arent really the thing that suffers online besides from stuff like C. Viper staircase loops, its hit confirming and properly playing a spacing game that can go down the drain in a bad connection. Play 5 bars only in Marvel imo, nothing less.


Cammy shouldn’t be played online. As soon as there’s a bit of lag she becomes a nightmare to fight.

Oh, you meant characters we shouldn’t play. Sorry.

Blanka in that costume. Nobody should ever use it. Online or off.


I agree, but as long as you have a good connection I wouldn’t let it stop you from picking any character. Out of necessity, I learned to react to screen events faster online than would have been as necessary offline, and that made my reaction time very sufficient offline indeed!

However, if you are inputting links noticeably before the initial move is complete (because of the lag), the game is basically unplayable at that point.


In general, characters just with higher execution rates and tighter/stricter frames for combos (i.e. 1 frame links). Plinking isn’t really going to help that much out if lag decides to be a pain in the ass. If I do play online though which is rare, I’ll still pick my execution characters and still try for the combos I normally go for even if I do miss them to lag. When I go online to play I’m already expecting to probably drop some combos since internet ain’t perfect.


The better you get, the more you will notice lag and that will not only affect what character you play but what moves you use. An example is Juri in AE. Offline or on a good connection throwing out dive kicks or random pinwheels is bad, but in a laggy match it works more because if you have almost a 1/2 second of lag and they are playing on a laggy monitor, they can’t respond to either move so when you throw it out if they were not already blocking then you score free damage.


Spiderman… Self experience


No character should be used online simply cause they can’t be played to there full potential with lag spikes, button lag, and/or dropped/missed inputs.


You really should know what you’re talking about before you go and try to give people advice…


It’s very connection dependent. In AE I can’t use Fei for the life of me because the connection constantly keeps dropping rekkas or combos into rekkas thus screwing up any of my reads and punish attempts,so I myself end up eating shit for even trying.

What M.D. said.