What characters will you use at Evo?

Started this thread to see who people will use at the tournaments. Here is my list of people i will use. I put mine in order from my best or favorite to the ones that i will still use but not as much.

Cvssnk2: Vega,Kim, Bison, Rolento,Kyo,Rock,Iori

Tekken 5: Xiayou, Asuka, Yoshimitsu

3rd Strike: Yang, Makoto, Ibiki

Yeah i know i dont have a long list of fighters but for this tournament i had to concentrate on the ones that i think i use the best…pre tourney fights ill bust out some other characters but as far as the tournament goes those are the ones i will recycle in and out.

lol… this is retarded because most of us pick characters based on WHO we are playing.

Tournament Preparation 101. Deceive your opponents by sandbagging and playing a different set of characters in casuals or the day before a tournament. Or doing patterns that are very predictable to give your enemy a one up on you then next day switch it up and destroy them when they fall for it. Also scout out their characters day before so you know your opponents better than they know you or watch them during tournament since alot of people will use the same techniques described above.

Listing your character selection is a bad idea unless you’re the best player in the world.

BUT If this entire post is a deception then kudos.

naw not really…those are the characters im focused on…in a game like mvc2…you already know who the top tiers are…in Cvsnk2 i listed like 7 so i can switch them up a lil. In tekken i personally dont think it matters on the character just how you use your moves and doin different combos…i seen one asian dude use nina and won the whole tournament…his moves were so damn unpredictable.3rd strike is a game that i am not the greatest in…so no matter what characters are used against me i gotta use the ones i mentioned in that. Im getting familar wit other ones but i dont think im quite ready to bust them out at the tourney.Like i said pre tourney matches i will use other characters…i just listed the characters that i am confident in my skills with…If you win you gotta stick wit ur character that won anyways. Just because i listed my characters dont really mean anything…pretty sure people will use the ones i listed too…its gonna be a mad house at the tourney it aint like me mentioning my characters you gonna analyze them and counter them…odds are you probably wont even go up against me or know who i am at the tourney…unless i tell you hey im Shibuya from shoryuken.

Let me guess, this your FIRST fighting game tournament right? :confused:

Good luck to you guy. :smile:

But, prepare to be OWNED!!! :rofl:

well…i did a few tourneys before at arcades but yes this is my first evo appereance. the arcade tourneys had about 20 or so people but evo is way bigger than that lol.


k groove

well…from what everyone is sayin there are a handful of people that usually wins these things…i guess the rest of us are just there to make them receive more money.

I’m going to shock the world when I choose red ST Chun.

actually most of us go for the experience and the playing time against better people. Every good person you play will make you better.

CvS2-S-King, Dan, Kyosuke
MvC2-Wolverine, Wolverine, Captain America.

I kid. Just look at my signature if you want to know so badly.

Hey, I gotta cover my ass incase people might prepare themselves for Team Superior, and Sean’s 2 handed dp. =D

CVS2:R2 shin akuma and R2 U. Rugal

3S:The dude with the thong, yellow hair, and has pink stripes on his body

why the hell did i bump this thread

3S: Use my avatar as a reference.

CVS2: P groove Terry, Geese, Chun.

Slash: Probably not entering Slash cuz it’s teams only. If I was in it I’d be using Chipp and getting my boxorz roxord.

Hyper: ST Blanka.

I don’t mind listing who I’m going to use because you’re either ready for Evo or you’re not. Sandbagging is deceiving but…it doesn’t mean you still won’t get beat by someone better than you. Besides…my main game is 3S and hardly anyone in the US uses Ibuki

tightass threads


cvs2 - eagle/rugal/steven segal

By Steven Seagal do you mean Todo or Geese? Or is Steven Seagal a secret character?

We’re a rare bunch DevilJin… dood.

You coming out to Vegas? You’ll need to bring your memory card so you can rep Pink Ibuki the whole way though. :tup: