What characters you wished you know how to use but can't because they don't suit your style?


I’m sure everyone has stumbled upon this problem when playing fighting games. There will be characters that you like but it just doesn’t suit your playstyle. What are those characters?

Similarly, what characters do you want to learn but don’t have time and/or effort to go through?

Mines are:
Super Skrull (umvc3) - cool character design, but i never really got down the feel for a his moves and movement.
yun (ssf4) - hes very strong but i’m just not used to not able to spam genei jin every 5 seconds compared to 3s. also, his command grab followup is too frame tight for me.
t hawk (st) - wayy too execution heavy for me. i’m also not a fan of grappler gameplay. (struggle to get in for most of the round, then kill the opponent in 3 hits)
nova (umvc3) - his movement feels weird and and he doesn’t have a low weak attack
chris (umvc3) - mobility is wayy to low. his dash is super slow. he can’t even have hang time with his air specials since it leaves him guard broken.
oswald (kofxi) - another cool design, but his gameplay is very one dimensional. his combos seems hard for me
silver (kofxi) - too slow for me.
fei long (ssf4) - he seems slow paced compared to his st version and other sf4 characters

characters i want to learn but don’t have time and/or effort to go through
viper (umvc3) - shes very good but has very glaring issues. probably not worth the time investing.
jill (umvc3) - being a dlc character hurts, especially since capcom is closing shop on umvc3
shuma (umvc3) - same as above, except he is a shitty point character with a very good assist
tony (umvc3) - unibeam is a great assist but too bad his movement is ass
oni (ssf4) - i always found him as an interesting character but i haven’t messed with this series much after ssf4 ae came out.


CVS2 Blanka - I have a soul so I can’t play him



Cody for sure. He’s way too slow for me


Ling Xiaoyu ever since tekken 4 i’ve been trying to pick her up, and every time i try i end up going back to what i know

eddie from gg, just couldn’t handle the negative edge combos, although i did find him a bit easier in accent core but by the time it came out nobody was playing or i’d stopped going to gatherings, to i resorted to faust who i also actually enjoyed using

V sodom, could never get the hang of his combo, to be fair i really only tried for a week or so, but i stuck with sagat who was boring as fuck

bishamon, the hardest character i’ve ever tried to learn, harder than eddie, akira yuki, by a mile


Jedah (Darkstalkers) - He was the only Darkstalkers characters I actually liked but I just wasn’t feeling his gameplay style and I ended up playing him much different (i.e: incorrectly) when compared to other Jedah players. I didn’t really put the time in with him to get good, but I just didn’t like DS as a game, it’s a great game but it’s not for me.

Cashern and Doronjo (Tatsunoko vs Capcom)- I loved their designs but Doronjo was way too trap-based for me plus I’ve never liked counter supers and Cashern’s combos were a little too difficult for me back in the day. I just stuck with Frank and Ryu, a team I could win with against other people.

Raiden (KOF XIII)- Drop Kicks are too complex for me since moves where I actually have to hold a button for a set period of time mess me up, sad because I really feel he’s a really underrated character. That and he doesn’t really complement my team as well as other characters.

Eji (KOF XI)- I thought he was pretty boring to play as. I thought I would like him because he reminded me of Ibuki, one of my favorite KOF players (Kaoru) used him and he’s a top tier but I couldn’t just get into the character as I though he was the most boring take on the Ninja archetype I’ve seen. I think his Leader Super is pretty cool though.

Guile (SF4)- Guile has always appealed to me in SF but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve actually felt good using a charge character so I never put in the time to learn him.


Terry. but his break combo move is dp-k. twice as hard as the df-p break combos. so I cant use him to the fullest. same for the other characters with that move (Marco, Gato, Hwan).

Vampire Savior:
Morrigan, Lilith. Those DI/LI setups require huge amount of precision and concentration, that no training can make up for it. so cant use them fully to enjoy their game.

C.Viper. Can perform some of the setups in training but not in actual games. huge amount of concentration required as well.


V-Juni in SFA3. she’s such a cool character, but she isn’t scrubby enough for me to use her well. i wish her drills were safe. i wish her drills and cannon spike weren’t charge moves. i wish her cr.forward was cancellable. i wish she had cammy’s far fierce. i wish i was playing cvs2 cammy.


A3 Charlie. He’s a really cool character, but I don’t do well with charge characters. I love that he’s the only character with a dash.


Juri and Dudley. I just don’t have the time or aptitude to perform mixups, but wish I could.


^ roll cancel victim #940534053345 :coffee:


oh I kinda like playing seth in shittyfighter4.

cvs2 rock. I kinda know how to play him but I drop dat evac toss on the regular :wasted:


Wanted to play Cyrax in MK9 but I can’t do those crazy bomb setups or combos.

Used to think I was good with the Mishimas since I mastered the :f::n::d::df: command back in the Tekken 2 days, but I can’t do it consistently on the first frame (the EWGF version) so there’s really no point in playing a Mishima.

Wanted to play P-Kyo in CVS2 but I’m not that good at parrying and it takes too long to fill the bar. Close fierce xx rekka x2 xx Super was gdlk though.


A few from the top of my head… ^^;

Q-Bee (Vampire Savior)
Ling Xiaoyu (all Tekkens she was in)
B.B Hood (Vampire Saviour)
Catherine (Arcana Heart 2 & 3)
Ivy (all Soul Caliburs she was in)
Rachel Alucard (Blazblue)
Scharlachrot (Arcana Heart 3)
Dizzy (Guilty Gear X and beyond)
Nazuna (Arcana Heart 2 & 3)
Juri Han (SF4)


I’m throwing my hat in with MD because I think Kazuya is cool, but just-frame inputs can eat a dick, die in a fire, or go back in time and meet their death at the hands of a dictator. Any dictator, EWGF can pick which dictator destroys them. They’re fucking stupid, get fucked namco ;-;


I adore Dudley and Ibuki from SF3, but Urien is cool AND has those amazing limbs. Not one pixel is wasted with that man.


Always wanted to learn Jin in Tekken 3.
Guess gonna be able to do that soon since I’ve ordered it and it’s my first Tekken game since Tekken 3.

Gonna go a Jin and Paul team and rape the fuck out of people.


Shuma in umvc3, adore the character and his personality (opening line against haggar is peeerfect) and love the way his combos look but in game he just feels fundamentally wrong. Also falcon in melee, the peoples knee is one of the best moves in fg history but when I try to play him I just sort of fly around the screen till I die


Wanted to play Noob in MK9 but constant Black Hole patches kept me from playing him the way I wanted.


Dhalsim (ST)
Jedah (Vampire Savior)
Baiken (GGAC)


Iron Fist in Umvc3, he’s poorly designed in my opinion (play style wise); his tools are lacking for the game that he’s in.

Shuma-Gorath in MvC2 and Umvc3, hold moves in marvel just confuse me; especially in a game where your opponent can switch sides on ya in a blink of an eye.

Tung Fu Rue in Real Bout 2, love the old man but he seems so limited in RB2.

Mr. Karate in KOFXIII, if he had Takuma’s command grab I’d be playing Karate instead.