What charcter should I NOT use? (SSF4)

I don’t want to be asking what character to main. But I know that there are chars that are considered particularly bad. So I want to know which are the ones I should avoid. Thanks.

There are no good or bad characters, only players.

Not to discourage use of them but Hakan and Dan look like they really require A LOT of work to get really good with them but I’m sure there are many people who use them as their mains to tell you otherwise.

The game is quite balance so it’s really just preference of who you like.


Great answer… I used to think that Seth wasnt too good (because of his health) until I started playing good Seth players and realized how wrong I was… Any character can be great in the right hands.

not true, well true but no at all … i mean, of course there’s a tier player rank, but definitely there’s a tier rank for characters, where top tier characters has more chances to achieve victories and even win tourneys, i’m not trying to say is impossible for a low tier character to have wins over the rest of the cast but for some characters(top tier) is easier.

example, sagat, ryu, boxer has better chances than Dan xD, you’ll never see a dan in evo finals.

or for super turbo, it’s really rare to see a cammy in finals, i mean, it’s not impossible, but it’s really, really difficult.

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Not really…

Yes and no.

There are 2 characters that put you at an extreme disadvantage in this game, and 2 others that are quite weak, the rest of the cast you will always have a fighting chance with. The 2 characters you’re at an extreme disadvantage with are Dan and Hakan. The other 2 are Makoto and Sakura.

Hakan is not AWFUL, but he has so many normal moves to make use of, and the need to apply oil frequently to perform at his best, put him at a big disadvantage compared to other characters unless you know how to play him EXTREMELY well. If he didn’t need to apply oil, he would be fantastic (i.e. if he performed as he does oiled up at all times, minus the moving FAs).

Dan, on the other hand, is a joke character and as such is extremely weak overall. I disagree with Capcom’s doing this as it’s a waste of a character slot, they should have just put him in Arcade Mode and left him as like the first fight, no need to put him in when he’s not worth touching if you’re playing seriously.

Makoto and Sakura are technically weaker than other characters for various reasons. Sakura is actually very good if you know how to use her, but some of her specials are a joke, if they were buffed she’d actually be quite good. I’d agree with leaving her as low tier as she’s a copycat of Ryu according to the story, but just fix that one special. Makoto’s weakness lies in the fact that she/he (who knows) absolutely HAS to rush down to succeed.

Look at a tier list and decide from there, its very obvious that there will always be some characters better than others…since SSF4 is relatively new its bound to move around somewhat but not very much…

Start from the top of the tier list and work your way down until you find a character you like… people will generally say Ryu because he is a solid character that heavily relies on the fundamentals to win…

Learn the game first and then decide who you will main after that…

All characters in the game require skill to win, some people seem to think that the top tier characters are braindead easy…

lol at the guy who said its scrubby to look at a tier list or pick a character that can actually compete…

If you are not good with command characters start out with a charge character like Balrog…

Dan, everyone else can win tourneys… If you’re wanting any more elimination than that, just pick rufus.

Just pick whoever you like, it’s all preference. If you really care about winning then look at a tier list and main whoever is at, or near, the top. It wouldn’t hurt to find a few characters that interest you, learn how they play, and then run through arcade and some multiplayer matches to see which one you like, if any.

No, he wwstar30 was right. That is the scrubbiest shit I’ve ever read. Paper saiid it best, and if you wanna argue tier lists and “more chances to achieve wins” then you’re kidding yourself. Every character has a 50/50 chance in every match: win or lose. They might not have the tools to get to the win the same as another (because each character is individually designed), but every character can win and lose with the tools they were given.

I will agree, however, that Hakan and Dan are usually pretty crappy, but im sure theres one or two people who actually are very good with them

You really think that Hakan has an even chance to win against Rufus or Ryu? Cause if so I don’t think you understand the game very well…

But of course, this game is relatively well balanced so you can pick any of the characters and still win. You may have a disadvantage with certain picks in certain matchups, but if it ever becomes a big deal you can always start training with a new character. I would agree that you should avoid Hakan and Dan though.

Enough with the Dan hate.
even top players have said hes very underrated in this game. I believe he will…dun dun dun…NOT be bottom this time!

He requires a lot of work (like every character should) but even with his shitty normals, he can actually be a decent rush down. Lk knee in air and on ground is an awesome move with high “priority”. The knee frame trap is a great guessing game that provides chip, Dan can grab off of a lot of moves, etc. krk is actually good with decent invincibilty on hp and now with ultra 2 you can catch them jumping at you, trade in air, and of course throw out krk in mix ups, fadc to saftey or ultra 2 :slight_smile: On Dan’s wake up, hes got his very good back dash or his krk, and of course just block. On your wake up, youve gotta deal with the knee of justice which stuffs a lot, leads to knee trap, and hops over reversals, and of course some basic other stuff such as krk, grab, neutral jump, block, etc.

While admittedly his normals make it tough for him to get past footsies and zoners, I think his rushdown game is very good.

Theres some great Dan players out there (Hibiki San, Xiahou Mao, etc.) that can vouch a lot more for Dan than me

And besides, hes got 4 taunts :slight_smile:
I cant believe people say hes a wasted spot on the roster. Dans got wayyy more history than half the characters on the cast! And in this game, he is a lot better than before. So calm down before you just go dismissing him as a joke character.

Like I said, it’s not impossible to win with him, but there are other characters with much better rushdown as well as good spacing, so picking Dan is definitely gonna put you at a disadvantage compared to those high tier characters.

This isn’t true in any meaningful sense. Just because there are two possible outcomes has no bearing on what the actual chance of either actually is.

How “good” a character is relative to the other characters. Thats why matchups are important, not tier. Tier is a way of summarizing a character’s matchups. Being top tier doesn’t mean anything at all once the round starts against an opponent who you have a bad matchup with. It does not take into account what is the likelyhood of playing each character. Zangief’s quality, for example, was overstated in SF4 tier lists because he had bad matchups against characters who were very popular.

Likewise, say something was discovered today in SSF4 that gave Dan 7-3 versus Bison and Abel. You can bet your ass that 90% of tournament players would learn Dan, regardless of his standing in tier lists. This is not taking into account the bison and abel players who would leave the character or learn a counterpick themselves.

edit- All that said, Super Street Fighter 4 is ridiculously balanced aside from Dan, and the only things swaying you from who you like to play should be execution requirement. I love viper and seth but I also know I don’t have the skill/effort to play them.

To answer your character, I would not recommend Viper, Gen, Fuerte, Seth, Dhalsim, or Ibuki for a new player. I think health, execution, and matchup knowledge required are what a new player should pay attention to.

Yeah… You just contradicted yourself here, which was my point exactly. There are advantages and disadvantages, but certainly not rules. The problem is players stipulate rules for themselves in the game like “Oh [Character] Beats [Character] 7-3, this is a tough matchup for you”, but they forget that along with playing a matchup, you also have to remember to play against the other person as well. This game isnt simply about methodically being able to couteract every action your match presents, but also requires you to beat your opponent mentally, and honestly, people forget that most of the time. You need to remember that behind that Rufus or Ryu is a person who has to think just as much as you do playing your Hakan or Dan. Maybe the physical odds arent in your favor, but that doesn’t mean you cant win the mental game.

So Like I said, every match has a winner, and has a loser. You have two outcomes, a 50-50 chance. You want to argue that a certain “matchup” isn’t favorable? You’re forgetting the mental part of the game, because Tier Lists dont show that, they show character strengths/weaknesses (matchups). Like I said earlier, you are forgetting that behind every good or bad matchup, there is a person with a brain who has to THINK, OUTPERFORM, & REACT according to everything thrown his way. Just because a list states that A Good Rufus shouldn’t lose to a Good Dan any more than 3 times doesn’t mean that the whole story is written. If a player fails to outthink his opponent, the tier list or matchup is moot; it doesn’t mean shit when someone is killing you mentally, and thats what you’re forgetting.

The evidence of this is found in every tournament, where you might find a pad using feilong or cviper or makoto placing high in a tournament and getting fame for it. You can’t credit anyone’s wins with simply the tier list alone, give them credit on winning the mental game as well. You can either win the match, or lose the match. You all start out with the same health. You have 2 outcomes.

This is like the best thread ever.

Also Poptag, while you’re right that a tier list alone doesn’t factor in player/skill, that also proves that match is never “50/50”. If you have joe schmoe scrub repping his turtle guile against valle showing the footsie love with Ryu, that shit ain’t 50/50. The joe doesn’t get anything to balance out the fact he sucks to even up the odds.

TL;DR: The winner doesn’t win by the flip a fucking coin you cunt.