What chew you know about that? MONEY MATCHES MvC2/3s/GGXX SLASH

What’s good peeps who wants to get down on some money matches in any of those 3 games? Hollar@me post if you wanna do this at EVO WEST or EVO finals :smiley:

Ill do you up in all 3 killa!

20$ 2/3 in all 3

awesome :slight_smile: u got it :]

3S and Slash. 10z each. Gogogogogogogogo!

sup ruin. ill play you for moneiz in marvel n 3s. i didnt get to play you las yr so this yr itll happen hopefully.

p.s. imma free money

We’ll play to see who gets to drive on the way to cop those Red Monkey

sure, ive got 10 on slash

haha awesome

Wig you know it son <3 :smiley:

aka that duke!

elven i wanna get at you at mwc also :slight_smile: see u friday

didnt know you were coming, sweet see you there

ill put up my white camo rhynestone hoody for mvc2. the purple im keeping. get back at me.

I’ll take you on in Slash ruin, $10. Are you using Faust, or are you picking someone else? :o

=(! if u really have that omfg :stuck_out_tongue: I got the red camo


Demon Hyo and IFCYipes will be taking any 2 v 2 challenges for money in MvC2

It’ll be single game format type deal where for example let’s say:

demon hyo/yipes plays vrs vietkhan/remix

demon hyo vrs vietkhan and say demon hyo wins then the next match will be

demon hyo vs remix and if demon hyo wins that game then team demon hyo/yipes wins the money match.

Any team of any two players is welcome to participate in this match excluding wong and sanford (OR ANY COMBINATION OF SANFORD/xxx and/or WONG/xxxx)

other money match challenges: I will be staking any bet of Yipes or Brandon vrs any challengers that would like to face either of them in a First to 3 all the way up to a First to 10 for any amount of money (obviously the larger the set then the wager must be larger because more time is being used up).
I am willing to offer handicaps for demon hyo and yipes such as: demon hyo can use some of his other teams that aren’t as fearful to the average MvC2 competitor like his Cammy team or his santhrax/scrub. Also, Yipes can use his Mag/Storm/Warmachine or his scrub, etc.

So go ahead and place your bets fellas, i’ll also be taking sidebets on each match if you happen to be in the vicinity of the events and are willing to put some money where your mouth is!


Another thing, all bets that go on between yipes or brandon vrs anyone go through me, i.e. i’m the guy who is collecting so if you wanna get at them then u gotta get at me. holla.

I’m down me vs demon hyo :smiley: whats his cammy team I’ll take that 3 out of 5 50 bones

DO IT!!!

hmm against you, I’m gonna lean towards him using magneto. Sorry, no handicap for arguably top 4 in the west.

yea I got it. never really worn it tho. I got the white and purple diamond hoodies. but my favorite one I have out of all the diamond hoodies is the desert camo which dropped a year before all the other colors. shit is rare and the best lookin one. I had the red and blue ones but I sold the red and traded the blue for some nike clerks+cash. i dont even remember how i was able to cop every color for the diamond hoodies (except green) being that each of these hoodies are all above $700.

anyways, ill put up the white one in marvel just for you chobo since i dont think im ever gonna wear that shit.

Hmmm you have all those wtf how come i’ve never seen you rock any of these to any tourneys :smiley:

Chobo Ruin aka My bro from the midwest aka El Ruinero aka Don’t be a jerk to me when it comes to Money Matches, WHATS REALLY GOOD!?!?! You already know! Marvel 2/3 for 10? 3/5 for 20? Let’s get at this shit, see you at evo homie and don’t fuck with me (no homo) lol.

-Team Jerk

ruin I will totally put my Robot-Ky up against your Venom.

The wager? A delicious value meal at the burger joint of choice.