What cities are close to FFA?

I am in the Navy, and I might get to choose where I am stationed, and I want to get as close to FFA as possible. I was wondering if anybody knew cities that are very close to Granada Hills. Is Santa Monica close? Thanks

Santa Monica is pretty close, yeah. It’s like half an hour away, maybe a little bit more. Any other cities on your list? As far as cities on the coast in the LA area, they’re all gonna be like half an hour give or take 10-15 minutes from FFA. FFA is basically in the middle of the San Fernando Valley half of Los Angeles.

I figure that any decent size city along the coast will have a navy base. What other cities would you recommend?

Half hour is a good time. I won’t be discouraged to drive there every weekend:wgrin:

Also, do you know the address. As I was trying to figure all this out, I did a mapquest of the general area of Santa Monica directly to FFA. I read online that the address was
10363 Balboa Blvd. When I mapquest it I get 736 S Alvarado. Not sure which one is right. If I make this decision it would suck not doing my research and getting stationed like 400 miles away from what I wanted, ya know?


I don’t remember the exact address, but it’s at the intersection of Balboa and Devonshire, two of the bigger streets in the Valley. And I don’t know that I would recommend any other cities, Santa Monica is a cool place.

Santa Monica’s pretty cool then? Nice.

I might have to adjust a bit to LA traffic, but it’s all good.

BTW, how do you manage to juggle law school with competitive SF?

I heard you did damn good in the recent RB. Or maybe it was someone else. My bad if it was.

Good question. Answer? I don’t know. I do a lot of reading during the week and then get to play with some guys once every couple of weeks on the weekend. I don’t get to play very often. During the school year I play on console with a few guys around northern Virginia and southern Maryland area, and we have tournaments once a month out there. When I’m home, though, I go to Interface and FFA a couple times a week.

Hehe, dang, how did that get around? Well, I suppose I did fine, thanks man. I got taken out of the winner’s bracket just before the top 8 by Senor Pyrolee in pretty crazy fashion, I mean, I’m not sure if I hit him more than half a dozen times the whole match. Immediately after that I faced Brandon (Akuma player), my second chance to get into the top 8. I made more errors than I’d like to admit (including a missed parry for the lose), but it was a good match that went down to the wire, and he played well.

All this talk of getting to Santa Monica is provided I do great in my A School. It would suck to get shipped somewhere and not have a choice because I didn’t place high in the training.

Yeah, I’ve seen some Interface tourneys. I’m guessing that it’s pretty close to FFA. How far away is that?

are there any gay dudes in the navy? bring em to ffa and amir will teach em ryu. :looney:

Lol, fuck, I don’t know. Still need to actually go to boot camp. I saw that Ryu, it was a shock to see Amir use him, but he owned up with him.

Can’t wait to see your money match, because it’s been a long time since you’ve decided to flash your skills(at least on camera). CV is taking some time to put it there.

Just found out that there doesn’t appear to be a navy base in santa monica.

Good news is that there is one in Ventura County!

How’s gaming in Ventura Ultradavid?
And it should be like an hour and thirty drive to FFA from there I think.

Ventura has one place for 3rd Strike: Electric Avenue. Unfortunately, most of the competition has dwindled away; only a few players will really play over there.

As for the drive to FFA…at most, an hour and a half. I’d say it’s about an hour to get there, period (it’s about 45 minutes from Camarillo, or so I estimate).

Ohhhh, the base in Port Hueneme? Yeah, Duralath is probably right, that’s probably a good hour away from FFA and like 40 minutes from Interface. Interface and FFA are like 15-20 minutes apart. Interface is actually in Ventura County, in Simi Valley bordering LA, but Simi is basically the opposite end of the county from where Hueneme is.

What’s the area where Interface and FFA are actually like? The only thing you really hear about LA are bad things, it would be nice to hear it’s located in a friendly area. Just curious is all.

Santa Monica should be fine, I don’t know if there’s anywhere closer than that. Just hop on the 10 East for a few miles, take the 405 North, exit Devonshire, make a right (?) at the exit, then make a right on Balboa. You’ll see it. Depending on what time of day you’re going, it shouldn’t take you more than a half-hour.

EDIT: Scratch that, should’ve read the whole thread before responding.

I mean, it’s not Malibu, but it’s not like you’re going to get shot if you go down there. I don’t know what it’s like to actually live in that area.

I don’t know much about the area around FFA, I don’t really spend any time out there that doesn’t involve driving directly to and from the arcade. Interface, though, is in the city next to me, in Simi Valley. Simi is a nice little town. It used to be a crappy, slimy white trash town, I mean this is the city where the Rodney King trial was decided, but it’s gotten way nicer. It’s just a normal suburb now, basically. Kinda boring, no smog because it’s in a separate valley from LA, nice people, good mix of people now, somewhat expensive, super safe area. It has the highest amount of police officers per capita in the country, most of which work in Los Angeles, and Simi and a nearby city, Thousand Oaks, trade off the award for safest city with more than 100,000 people in the country.

Wow, that does sound nice. I’m just not too familiar with America in general, the only real idea of America you get over here is the stereotype that it’s given, especially with areas like LA, Detroit and NY. Just some day I hope to come over and check it out before the arcade scene over there dies out completely, it’s cool to hear it’s in an America noob friendly area. :lol: