What class is Ryu?





I say he’s lifting about 10 or 15 tons in those scans.

I smell hernia.

We’ll see.:smokin:

proportional strength of a spider…wait, he hates spiders.

Monk. Seriously, that’s so obvious.

No, it’s proportional strength in comparison to the gravity of his home planet. Show him some kryptonite and that boulder will squash him.

well remember that he has been trianning since he was like 7 and he is in his 40’s so him lifting that rock isn’t surprising, but i bet it only weights like 500 pounds and he is using it as an endurance trianning. now if it was 10 or 15 tons then that can’t be ryu, that would be like…akuma or oro since they are like the only ones with that kind of arm power.

i bet ryu is just a really advanced human as far as phycial power, but he ain’t like a “demon” such as akuma, or a senjin such as oro.

what is a “senjin”

8 ton Boulder

10 ton Boulder


600 pound Boulder


Ryu’s Boulder




Destorying mountains and Sink islands is more of a class 90 or class 100 not class 10.

Edit: Cody can break through a 50 cm / 1 foot thick concrete wall and Balrog ( the boxer not the spanish ninja guy) can kill a elephant in one blow

Ryu’s class is special ed. He dropped out of elementary school.

LMAO it says 26,000 pounds. I’m pretty sure that makes it a 13 ton boulder, 12 by metric standards I think.

a senjin is an old master of an old art, thats what akuma, and ibuki call oro in sf3 3s, but yeah i guess it’s huge. but i doubt we will ever see ryu, destorying any asteriods.

No thats sonic blastmans job