What color buttons

do u think would go best with this, im thinking white, black, or blue, or a mix of 2, or maybe clear buttons with art

Dinky Cliche BRS image…

White ball top

No clear art, unless you want blue button shafts. Even so, I’d say no.

I’d say black plungers/white shafts or black plungers/blue shafts if you’re feeling ambitious.

My 2 cents on how it can look even better. With either choices I listed above, I would fix up the illustration first; recompose it and don’t fuck up the proportions. Turn up the black/shadows so the black plungers don’t steal all the attention. It’ll also create a nice contrast with the white balltop.
Use a different font (there’s a font very similar to that used in the actual “BLACK ROCK SHOOTER” logo which you can google), get rid of that outer glow, or get rid of the button text altogether. If you’re dead set on using that one drawing, then change the white “B*RS” into black without changing the blue flame. It’ll stand out better from the backdrop, as well look more like a graphic since it won’t have that blue outline. Alternatively, I personally like doing cropped giant logos. Instead of that little logo down in the corner, I’d do a vector of it, make it bigger, tilt it counter clockwise by about 25-40 degrees, and position it so that 1/4 of the “B” and “S” are cropped off, while the letter B reaches about the middle of the canvas (on the Y-axis).

k thnx, actually the buttons i used soft brush and i just did that in case i forgot/couldnt see the buttons - -