What color is the Genesis 3bbutton voltsge wite?

Well me and my freind Stan came back.

Hr dtarted the Genesis 3 button and we are wondering?

What color is the ibternal wire of yhe 3 button Genesis pad?

If the answer is deopendsbon model if 3 button is jot enough may i have a list of models and cable colors?

If it’s totally random, what us the eadiest way yo find out.

If attaching my DB37 wire pin designinated as Volt/misc. I don’t don’t know if hooking voltage of the Genesis is a good idea, a waste of time vor a homb in the making.

The Cthulhu and all otger PCBs are renoved beforecfinbecting the Genesus 3.

Bh the way, the voltage pin on Genesis 3 is pib 5, right? Also doesn’t he six button use a different pin?

I cant seem to find answets on google. Goioglebid more about making money, and after 2016 influencinf politics more than a user friendly search.