What colour buttons for gold plated aluminum box?

What colour buttons would go well with a gold plated aluminum box?

And yes, I realise that a gold plated aluminum box is a little excessive but it’s been built already and cost nothing so why not.

I was thinking black but I can’t find black screw in type buttons, only snap-ins.


akihabarashop.jp has PS-14-G-N screw in buttons in black

I just saw that lizardlick does as well. I wonder what the difference is between the GN and the KN?

I am pretty sure the KN are the ones with the clear rim and plunger and GN is closer to Sanwa in look with solid colored rims and plungers

can’t go wrong with black. too bad there aren’t any black Sanwa screw-ins.

I believe the KNs also have a more rounded button than the GNs. I only have snap in seimitsu Gs but I know their buttons are a bit flatter than the KNs.

I’d say run with it and go for a set of pearl yellow seimitsu’s and work the theme around it

after some quick research, it appears that the buttons are flat on the KN and curved a bit on the GN. The GN can also come with a clear plunger but solid body.

I’m ordering 8 of those I guess.

Thanks guys

I think the pearl yellow would be bad ass though :wink:

This looks kinda golden,


That’s what I’m sayin! lol
I guess to get a better idea it would be great if there was a pic of the case :slight_smile:

I haven’t even seen the case yet, but I’m told the welds are f-ing amazing :wink:

I’m going with black Seimitsu PS-14-GN with clear plungers.

Black and gold is pretty slick.

Since it’s aluminium, why didn’t you get snap-ins?
Snap-ins are perfect for metal panels.

Just prefer screw-in types.

Same here. Even sanwa snap-ins start to wear pretty quickly after you snap them in and out a few times. I just wish they made the screw-ins in black.:sad:

Clear topped buttons with some gold foil inside!

what about dark blue? depends on the “yellow-ness” of gold though…

the semitsu purple also goes whell with gold, it makes it kinda royal heheheh he.

But yeah black is always safe, dont kno about the clear plunger tho, pearl rim would be nice too. Shame they aint got them as skrew ins.

All gold buttons and make sure you wear a gold grill when you use it!



have you got any pictures of this?

No pictures yet. I won’t get pictures until it’s finished. Sorry guys, but I’ll put them up a.s.a.p.