What colour will you rock with ALT Costume 3?



I would love to rock the Black, but I could see half of the gen’s using it. I’m almost tempted to use pink just for fun. I’d love to have baby blue like his original Number 4. But I’m probably leaning towards, black (8) or white (10).


i really like the costume but none of the colors amaze me tbh :confused:

the white one is very cool but kinda monocromatic for me… but very cool indeed

in the pink one he looks like he got a sunburn :L


ya I’m not overly happy about the colours. BUT… the costume is amazing. It’s very well done. I think more bad ass colours would’ve been nice. Guy’s original and Alt 1 have the best colours IMO.


black and white ones are the coolest, I guess… I wonder why Capcom picked the green one as default. Somebody told me it’s a reference to a character of the game Romance of the Three Kingdoms… no idea.


i’m probably going to use color 12 because it makes your stances change faster and gives a buff to your mantis jump arc. it’s a glitch though, so they might patch it before console DLC.


I’m not sure yet, because I can’t seem to find these things on PS Store. :frowning: Are they hiding it somewhere?


I’m going with 13
with P Groove!


Original purple or original white thank you. I’m to old school for these youngan colors.


hmm actually black isn’t black it’s a chocolate brown. White is too bright. It’s hard to focus on gen. I’m liking Blue right now.


I’ve been wearing green since vanillie. Default for me. Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Shu!


Always liked aqua blue Gen, but for some reason I really don’t enjoy this costume. Always been a fan of the original, default purple.


I was actually really pumped for this costume. But for some reason the colours really killed it. It’s still the best out of all of the alts, but I do love the original the most. My favorite of the original is black, but my luck is pretty bad when I play mirror matches vs other gen players. They always seem to pick black if they use original, which sucks because I always end up getting confused, thinking I’m the black gen. (may not be a problem for some of you, but it sure is for me). So I started to pick Original 4 - Baby Blue. And so far I’ve yet to come across another gen who picked that colour. +Knocks on wood+ I guess I could just get around it by being player 1, but I like player 2 side and I get more matches in if I’m the one joining.

THAT1NIGA, who wanted the track suit gen, made me realize that I actually would have liked that costume more. Since I have some of my own.


same here, as i was saying the costume is cool but i dont really like the colors… i wanted to buy this but i’ll probably pass

my favorite is still original #7 (dark green) …as a second choice #3 (dark red)

for anyone digging white gen costumes, i think this white alt3 would be pretty cool… but i’m not really into the white gen


I really like the Dark Red and Purple. Before, I was hoping for Dark Red and Gold, but I actually like Dark Red and Purple better.


I don’t think the primary colors would be bad if they used better secondary colors. The red one would be better with black trim, the black would be better with red. (black and red is the ultimate Kung Fu master colors).

I’ll prob start using the gold/silver/bronze one. The other gold/yellow one seems way to bright!.


there is a goldish/yellow with a redish brown colour. it’s not bad,


Oh yeah, I forgot there was a Red and Gold one lol. Before, I was imagining that Color 03 would have the colors of 09, but swapped. Gold for his Calf leggings, Forearm gauntlets, Hairpiece, Ascot Tie, and the outer parts of his outfit, and everything else Red.






The dark red/purple one makes Gen look like Hugh Hefner gone Howard Hughes. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing you know.
But most likely I’ll go teal (that’s the light blue one, right?) or gold. I really like this costume, the colors too. I’ve always dug Lei Wulongs original style in the Tekken games, so this is exactly what I’d hoped for as a new look for Gen.