What comboes after V-Trigger activation?

I know that b.MP does, which can lead to his target combo and into Tatsu or Shoryu but other than that, you guys know of any other move that comboes after activating V-Trigger?

There is plenty depending on what you cancel it from.

My go to are (you’ll have to adapt them or not use them depending on the meter but I am giving you the basics):

cr.mp xx vtrigger > c.mp xx m.tatsu > ex.dp
st.hk xx vtrigger > cr.hp xx m.tatsu > ex.dp
cr.mkxx ex.hadoken xx vtrigger > cr.hp xx m.tatsu > ex.dp.

my favs are

cr.mp xx hado xx vtrigger > st.hp xx vskill(run)xx l.tatsu >ex dp
st.hp xx hado xx vtrigger > st.hp xx vskill xx ltatsu >ex dp
CC only st.hp vskill(run) b.mp xx hado vtrigger > st.hp xxvskill l.tatsu ex.dp #bigdmg #swag
CC only st.hp vskill(run) b.mp xx hado vtrigger > st.hp xxvskill l.tatsu > hp.dp xx CA #bigswag #laddiesloveit

Anyone have any thought for CC on st.hk xx vtrigger?

If I get CC on st.hk I tend to just vskill instead. st.hk(CC) > vskill > mk.tatsu > ex.dp
I think it’s better to save vtrigger on things you can’t combo from vskill. e.g. st.hk if it’s not a CC

I havnt practiced much but is it even possible to react on time if the st.HK is a CC or not?

Many times I try to whiff punish with st.hk from so far away I somehow magically still get a CC, at that moment my v-trigger is already ripped as I kind of already buffered the v trigger within the st.HK.

You can OS it. Driving atm I’ll edit later

Well this is a long drive…

Unlike c.mp, there’s a lot of hitstun with st.hk, so you can delay the v-trigger and it still combos. I think it’s easier confirming this than b.mp > st.hp target combo
That being said, It takes practice, and I can’t do it consistently

Ken is bad for my health, all of these confirms and I get mad when I miss one.

Hahaha, sorry Lobo. Basically you just want to have the opponent on random block with random counterhit. Do your CC normals like st.hp/st.hk and press v-skill as late as possible. At that point the run would only come out on CC, not on regular hit or block. That is the OS…if you haven’t searched for it by this point. (sorry!)

I think the issue is that you want to enter VT as soon as possible, and VT allows you to pressure/combo off of s.HK even without CC. What ChowMein said was interesting; he seems to be saying that you can do the OS and react in time to VTC the s.HK on a normal hit. Does anybody actually do this?

If that’s not possible, then you are forced to commit to the VTC regardless of if the s.HK is blocked, it hits, or it hits on CC. In that case, knowing an optimized combo if the s.HK does CC would be useful. (Does HK tatsu juggle in that situation? It’s worth checking into.)

You can definitly react to blocked/hit to activate vtrigger, you actually have a lot of time. The hard part is really hit/CC I think.

I honestly didn’t look that much for a CC combo on vtrigger activation because I’d like to learn to not vt on CC, but right now I can’t. I do lp.dp > ex.dp no clue if it’s optimal.

I like cr.mk > mp.hadoken xx V.trigger > st.mk > st.hk (TC2) xx ex.hadoken > ex.dp

Edit: I should say this requires corner.