What combos into SA1?

I was wondering what combos into SA1 for Sean?

crouching MK
hits low, verifiable
crouching LK, crouching LP, crouching LK
safe if LK, LP, LK is blocked. Verifiable, no damage reduction
Standing close MP/HP, Dragon Smash/EX Dragon Smash XX
damage is reduced horribly so not good
Standing close HK
probably the most damaging I believe
crouching MP
deep anti-air Dragon Smash, XX
must be real deep or otherwise it can’t be XX
UOH, link
starts off high attack
who cares it’s kool. The only Shoto with a jump shot!

It’s also possible to do a reset into SA I at the corner:
:r:+:hk:–>SA I
IIRC Jumping :hp:–>Standing :hk:–>SA I does good damage too

that reset is risky, one-hit parry

Cr. Forward xx Hadou Burst
Cr. Short Cr. Short xx Hadou Burst
Cr. Strong xx Hadou Burst
Close Fierce x Dragon Smash xx Hadou Burst
Close Roundhouse xx Hadou Burst
Cross up Forward x Roundhouse xx Hadou Burst

Those are really the only ones I use. Normal shoto moves that cancel into supers, nothin special.

not much can combo. what i use is either c.mk xx. SA1 or s.hp xx. dp. lp xx. SA1. the best set up i got for the c.mk xx. is dash into the player and s.mp, s.hk combo and either if it connects or not, ypu should have a easy set up for it. thats what i got but if some one can expand on this the they can do so. by the wY SEn is the illest player. and the most underrated.

I think u all doubt the almight power of basketball to Super! MUHAHAHAHA!!!