What combos should a newcomer to the game learn?



Okay , I have 44+ hours into this game and I still can’t do a single combo , I know , I suck , I don’t even put that much time in the training room anymore because when I go online the practice i’ve done in the training room is worthless as I can’t initiate any moves I’ve learnt there against a real opponent. So I’m thinking that maybe i’ve approached the game the wrong way , maybe the ryu trials aren’t the way to go because the combos may be too difficult but then again maybe I’m just really bad at fighting games and i’ve thought of asking what should I practice first , like a certain 2 hit combo like cr.mk into tatsu or hadouken and what are some easier to execute more damaging combos because again , sometimes (rarely because mostly I get completely crushed) I find myself losing because I don’t punish the opponent hard enough or I go in and all I can do is a potential lp > mp > hadouken which sometimes doesn’t come out right .


look up bread and butter combos. they call them bread and butter because players use them all the time to punish and rack damage. the easiest combo for ryu is the forward heavy punch into H.shoryu. you can use it after most whiffed specials. try working them into the corner with tatsus or back throws. also learn the shoryu fadc into ultra, thats like ryus most important combo


Yea , had trouble with that , I’m playing on a keyboard and the 2xqc requires fast fingers :smiley: , I either cast it too slow , either end up casting ex shoryu , il do some more practice on that cuz it usually forces me to use ultra 2 because I can’t do anything with u1 as I can’t combo into it.


Do yourself a favor and at the bare minimum get at least a gamepad. I started with this before I went to a stick.



I thought about getting a gamepad countless times but , previously I tried a gamepad [ yes , a very cheap and probably really bad oneSweex GA100(a brand mostly known for making watches and not gamepads , but ye…) , also not in street fighter ] and I found the movement pad very rigid , I couldn’t do any motions reasonably fast , and I think it would be rather unconfortable to use only my thumb for attacks if I were to get a normal pad , not a fight-pad or whatever the expensive ones created for fighting games are called.
PS: i’m playing on pc as the keyboard may imply ^^ so the cheap option you presented to me is not available unfortunately.


that pad will work for the pc but won’t do much better than the third party one you have. there are alot of people in korea using keyboards for fighting games, but there’s alot of variance in quality. cheaper keyboards use rubber membranes underneath the keys much like controllers do but require you to push the key down further. all your combos will be a little off unless you’re working with a cool gaming keyboard with mechanical keys. you should look into getting a hitbox, they’re expensive but very precise.


learn overhead



@Coffeejuice I haven’t seen any of those hitboxes on amazon.it ( the one in my area ) , unfortunately I think that EU shops lacks fighting games hardware because they are so much more expensive than overseas and not many people would buy them.
@SNAAAAKE you mean the normal move “overhead”? Or is there a combo that is called that?


Cross up M-Kick->Crouch Jab-x2->Stand Jab-x2->Sweep Clean, Simple, Hard Knock Down. And if blocked cancel Standing Jab x2 for Crouching M-Kick into EX-fireball or Crouching H-Punch into EX fireball


I’m also interested in learning this. I’m also trying to learn plinking in the process. Are all of these http://www.eventhubs.com/guides/2008/jul/06/ryu-street-fighter-4-character-guide/ under combos still current and working for ultra? When it says “Link” in italics that means plink, right? Like when you (if it wants you to link a HP) hit HP and MP in super fast succession.

If the list on that page isn’t the best place for me to look, any direction as to where to go to learn the combos would be great.


A chain is a normal attack that is cancelled into another normal attack. A link occurs when you let one attack finish it’s recovery frames and then you press the next attack button. Not all links need to be p-linked or double tapped. They just help get that link correct depending on the frames needed to hit the next attack. For example if you are using an attack that leaves your opponent at -5 on hit and you want to use an attack that starts up in 5 frames, that’s a 1 frame link. Your best bet would be to p-link that attack. If you are looking at a 2 or 3 frame link, your better option is to double tap the attack. Anything will combo if the move’s starup frames are equal to or less than the hit advantage frames.

VesperArcade has a great video on this on youtube. Some others have made them as well with some different visualization to comprehend the different between a p-link or double-tap scenario. If you need more detail, let me know.