What combos should I be using with Mai?

and what groove?

Groove is the easy question, so I’ll answer that first. I believe that N/K groove are the best options for Mai, P is also a viable groove too, if you know how to parry well. But in general, any groove that improves Mai’s mobility are more suitable. Run and Roll are going to be main assets you’ll be using. Short hop option can also be nice too.

If you go search from the beginning of this topic, you’ll come up with some old topics from way back when. Anyway, I kind of fished through them and pulled out some of the regular combos and some super-cancel-able ones too. Topic closed so I can’t quote and give people credit where it’s due, but go to the topic. [from mainly Galznick, Strike and James Chen]

B&B’s: (Yeah, multiple depending on what you’re comfortable with)
cr. fierce. qcb fierce
cr. short (x2) xx hcf + short

Note that cr. fierce is an awesome move just because of its range. Some people like to use cr. fierce into a super (but probably not lvl 3 Killer Bee super).

cr. short, st. short, cr. strong XX qcb + fierce
cr. short, st. short, cr. fierce XX hcf + roundhouse

j. roundhouse, cr.fierce -> qcb + fierce (flame move)

cr.-up short, cr. short -> st. short, cr. strong XX qcb + fierce.

Note about qcb + fierce: gets punished BAD when blocked. If the previous hit is blocked, switch out the Ryu en Buu with a QCF + Fierce and do some block damage.

But definitely check out the first topic, Wolfe posted up five LONG posts about general Mai strat. It’s awesome.

I’ve recently started learning Mai. After all, who doesn’t like an asian chick with big boobs? Anyways:

**-c.LK, close s.LK, c.MP x qcb+HP **
damage: 2400
stun: 24

This is pretty much the only combo I use with Mai when I don’t have meter. You got to be up close to the opponent for all the hits to connect (and to avoid getting a far s.LK as well). close s.LK, c.MP is a 2-frame link so you got to be careful with timing. The good thing about this combo is that it’s verifiable. close s.LK has a +6 frame advantage after it so, you can do c.LK, close s.LK and then decide what to do. If it hits, go on with the combo. If it’s blocked you can walk up and throw, walk up c.LK, s.LK again, etc. If I’m not close enough to get all the hits of the combo to connect I usually leave out the c.LK and start the combo with close s.LK. You can still verify it (close s.LK, c.MP, then go from there, c.MP has -2 disadvanatge, which isn’t too bad) although getting closer and doing c.LK, s.LK is safer.
I don’t really recommend replacing c.MP with c.HP. c.HP does more damage, it has the same number of start-up frames as c.MP, but c.HP also has significantly less range and slightly longer recovery than than c.MP.

-c.LK (2x), far s.LK xx lvl3 dash super (qcb,hcf+K)
damage: 5960 (N), 6580 (K)
stun: 8

-c.LK (3x) xx lvl 3 dash super
damage: 5720 (N), 6310 (K)
stun: 6

These are the combos I use when I have meter (I play Mai mainly in N and sometimes in K). Both combos are very easy to perform (for whatever reason I find the second combo easier to perform than the first one, go figure) and both combos are verifiable (you can do 2 c.LKs and the decide whether or not you go on with the combo). The combos above only work if you finish with a lvl 3 super. In order to connect with a lvl 1 super you have to do only 2 c.LKs and then cancel into super (or c.LK, s.LK xx lvl 1 super, whatever you’re more confortable with). c.LK (2x) xx lvl 1 dash super does 2900 dmg while the other combo finishing with qcb+HP does something like 2400. I only combo into lvl 1 super if I’m sure it will kill my opponent. Otherwise I simply do c.LK, s.LK, c.MP x qcb+HP and save the meter for a lvl 3 super.

EDIT: damage & stun info added.

Well…you can pretty much use those combos in almost any Groove, tbh.

And well…I like Mai for her looks and all, but I also like her for her personality, which my friends criticize me for…>_>

Anyways…I’d like to learn a lot more about my all-time fave babe as well. Especially since she’s my all-time best (with Dan and Rugal right under her). And yes…I feel criticism coming my way for why I like her too…>_>.

More combos:

-c.LK(2x) x qcb+HP
damage: 1900
stun: 19

Works against a good number of standing characters, doesn’t work against the majority of characters if they’re crouching. I only use this combo against big characters. Against everybody else I use the link combo in my previous post, it’s a bit harder because of the link but it does more damage.

-close s.LP, c.MP/HP x qcb+HP
damage: 2300/2600
stun: 23/26

Another variation of her BnB combo. s.LP, c.MP/HP is a 3-frame link. 100 points less damage than the combo listed in my previous post. As far as I know using c.HP works against everybody if you start the combo at point blank range. if you’re unsure use c.MP instead.

-c.LK(3x) > far s.LP xx lvl 3 Dash Super
damage: 6080 (N), 6715 (K)
stun: 9

More damaging variation of the super combo listed in my previous post. What sucks about this combo is that your execution must be really precise so you don’t get a Ryu En Bu by mistake.

EDIT: damage/stun info added.

c.:lk:x2 > elbow super actually does more damage than

c.:lk:x3 > elbow super in k groove due to damage scaling.