What controller do you guys use to play this game? I dont get this game :(


Stick does it for me. TvC stock isn’t that bad either. It’s pretty good IMO.


Been using a GCN controller since I don’t have anything else atm. The button layout doesn’t bother me any, but the control stick can be a bit awkward at times. The number of control stick-related errors seem to be going down as I play more, so I’m thinking it’s playable with some practice. Finding out that 426 and 624 work for the 41236 and 63214 commands has also helped my accuracy a bit.

…Looking at some other people’s GCN configs, I think I must be the only person here that uses the L trigger set to P.


I’m bringing it back!..

Just got this game since it was on clearance at Best Buy. It’s different to say the least (compared to SSF4) & I can’t stand using a pad (currently rocking a CCP) for any fighting game so I guess I gotta be patient & get a TvC stick whenever Madcatz/Gameshark has their sale again.


sup guys

I’m coming to ask for tips for a friend , she has all 3 pads for the game ( CCP , GCN and Wimote ) but the one she feels more at ease with is Wiimote because , well , she’s more used to it I guess , but recently she’s often getting negative comments of spamming and stuff wherever she asks for help because well the wiimote is easier to use

this is one of her latest vids : [media=youtube]OIHZ3xDhQy4&feature=feedu[/media]

What I’m asking is , what are the things she needs to get better with and will she have to switch to CCP to do so or can she achieve it by keeping Wiimote , her first obstacle for wiimote seems to be Advancing Guard , since with wiimote it seems to require direction presses along with button presses ( something like A 4A 6A while blocking when its simply A+B+C on CCP )

sure , this is netplay but …what are the points she needs to improve on while possibly keeping the wiimote? or does she really have to switch to CCP if she wants to get better?


there is a limit yo what you can do with a wiimote, and the best thing is to spam as many thing with it, sadly wiimote users cant either advanced guard or dash cancel properly cause of the limitation of the controller, aslo there is a limit of how much you can do with a wii mote, for example damaging combos are imposible with a wiimote since real damage comes for complex combos and is pretty much imposible to do any advanced combos with a wiimote, so i suggest change to a game cube controller or classic controller, but a recoment the gamecube controller, since the analog stick was put on a better place.

and yes is imposible to get better with a wiimote, when you reach the limit of the control capabilities thats it theres no more you can do but to switch to a better control scheme, but if you do this just to enjoy the game then i dont see a reason to switch to another controller as long as you enjoy the game there no reason to change what you like.


I use a CCP, and Im also using it on MVC3.
I cant use sticks, and CCP is the best controller EVER IMO.
It’s super confortable and the dpad is awesome.


Stop trolling, you can’t use the classic controller pro or CCP for MvC3. CCP only works for the Wii you fool. Also, I used the Classic controller, I actually like it better than the arcade stick, I feel like I have more control in my fingers than in my wrists. So I’m actually selling my TvC arcade stick.


Assuming he’s talking about using a CCP on a PS3 (for MvC3), he’s probably talking about using this adapter since it’s rather popular especially on this forum:

Amazon.com: Wii Classic Controller to PC USB Adapter: Video Games

While I do think the d-pad on it is the best outta all current-gen consoles, I prefer using an arcade stick for fighting games but that’s just me.


thank you for your reply , she’s working on the GCN controller now , since its a bit more standard


I have the TvC fightstick and I’ve got to say it’s worth every penny. Solid, fast and accurate. Works well with Guilty Gear series, king of fighters, and samurai shodown too. You can find them cheap now. I just hate playing online because of how easy the wii remote controls are. It takes the skill out. Too bad you can’t filter opponents by control type.




Currently went from GC Controller, Wii Mote/Chuck, GC Controller, CCP.


I know this is an old thread but I’m hoping the discussion in this forum will pick up.

Wii Mote is terrible, it’s pre-programmed so that five year olds can get a Smash Brothers experience out of an otherwise deep title, play with a GC/Classic controller at the very least.

I use this - http://store.gameshark.com/viewItem.asp?idProduct=4736&idCategory=253

Best on the market for the Wii, it’s great with GG-X2AC+, the only other fighter really worth looking at on the Wii.

HORI released an official Nintendo peripheral fight stick, it’s pretty nice despite it’s basic appearance, but you don’t see it around much. I got one cheap imported before I replaced it with the Madcatz one, here is a random image I pulled of it.


I use an unmodified Madcatz Tatsunoko vs. CAPCOM Arcade Stick. Technically not offiicial Nintendo but at least Capcom USA approved it. Curious to see how the Japanese EXAR TvC arcade stick plays like.


Yeah, I prefer the Madcatz TvC stick also. I bought that Exar TvC stick & returned it the next day. Buttons were pretty nice (hit or miss if you get Sanwa microswitches) & joystick has Omron switches too. However, I couldn’t stand the fact it was way too light (2.09-pounds!). Thought about swapping with a JLF but it’d be a PITA though not impossible. The Madcatz TvC stick weights more than the Exar stick…inside it’s retail box! And it’s much easier to swap out parts.

BTW, not a big fan of the Hori FS Wii. It’s atrocious especially when you can get the Madcatz for around the same price (brand new) on eBay. Just saying!


Reposting this from another thread on SRK:

I checked but non left here in Southern California. What a find, thanks SaeQuo for finding this.


I use a Madcatz TvC stick that I easily modded with all Sanwa parts of course. In my opinion the stock parts are 0k, but they do feel rather cheap. Honestly, I didn’t really have so much of a problem with the stock buttons as much as I had a problem with the stock stick. I just couldn’t get the response I was use to with higher quality parts. With that being said, the stock parts are definitely playable. It was just my preference to upgrade. I’ve owned mines since TvC’s release and man does it feel silky smooth when I play.


I use a Classic Controller Pro.
It’s a bit strange, but I like it.


I’m not expecting any quick replies to this post but here goes nothing I guess. There’s a bunch of guys trying to start a scene for this game in an area close to me. Since I’m one of the top Marvel players in the country I kinda promised to try and help them out. Is there any way to use a PS3/360 controller for this game without modding the said controller? I feel that having a few of these adapter would really help to get people to try this game out.


my reply wasn’t quick enough but you can use the GameCube Joybox PS2 to Gamecube converter on the Wii. For PS2 controllers obviously, not exactly a PS3 controller but close enough.