What controller is everyone using for sf2hf?

all 3 of my xbox 360 joystick dpads have died already. what is everyone else using?

Ive been using an official pad.

Theres a supposed mod for the wired controller where you take the casing off and sand around the edges of the circular hole where the dpad usually sits. Its supposed to improve execution and stop the dpad from hitting the circular holes edges. Ive noticed myself that the dpad does tend to hit the edges. I might try it out tomorrow.

The pad itself isnt great for SF at all tho. Ive noticed there are Hori pads on either Lik-Sang or PlayAsia, cant vouch for how good they are tho. It would be nice if there was a decent alternative to switch to when playing this game.

Probally modded DoA4 stick. They just made the two grey buttons re-wired themto white black probally.

Evil Ryu Hologram Controller Holla!

For 360? how’d you do it?

360 D-Pad= Fcing horrible garbage, i actually feel more comfortable playing with the analog stick.

I’m using a stock DOA4 arcade stick. It’s certainly a lot nicer than using the pad, but it’s nothing too special. Eventually I want to get a secksy custom stick from finkle.

I sanwa modded my DOA stick with an octagon restrictor and bat top, I’m playing with that. works OK. Check out that tutorial in tech talk if you wanna do it.

Has anyone heard about any 360 to ps2 converters like in original x-box?

Official 360 pad, and its garbage.

I’m using a stock DOA4 arcade stick. It’s certainly a lot nicer than using the pad, but it’s nothing too special. Going to try Final_Cuts mod and looking forward to having a 100% all arcade parts stick.

Using the stock 360 pad and a Hori pad I bought at a Gamecrazy (only place I’ve seen one). The stock pad’s d-pad sucks. The Hori pad has a somewhat nicer d-pad but I’ve had problems with buttons sticking causing me to sometimes miss my moves. Going to try DOA4 Stick next.

DOA stick is trash. I’m down to 3 working buttons and a stick that goes left or right whenever it feels like it. I open this thing up and it’s just impossible to fix.

I`m kicking ass with the regular x box 360 joystick,and i use the analog!!

When i play SF anniv i use the regular xbox joystick not the S controller but the first one that came with the xbox…the big one!

I dont need no custom stick no SF stick,turbo stick or nothin… just give me the game and plenty of asses to bust and im straight! OOooooooooooo i know them haters aint liking dat!haha!

I aint goin to lie though if i did have a game room type stick …It`ll go down!! Ya heard!


I can corroborate what he’s saying. The guy is a lean, mean scarred machine! Best Sagat on live, period.

Last time he was in a room, he was totally pwning the rest of us. We had some great matches.

You have got to get a stick KJ. You owe it to yourself.

hacked mas stick, with the hacked xbox 360 wired pad.

had it done the day before hf came out on live.

I’m on stock DOA right now waiting for a new gate to come in. Then eventually I’ll get a finkle stick

Is there any way I can hook my xbox/ps2 stick to my 360? I have one of those sf anaversary sticks. Man I downloaded sf2hf but its fuckin’ lame with the 360 controller.