What could one use to cut a PS2 case?

If I were to heat a knife 'til it was red hot, would it be too ridiculous to try to use that to make my own fliptop ps2 case? I wish I had a jigsaw or something.

“Yes, we are so, ghetto…”


I guess so man. Don’t saw the shit out of it though.

Worst comes to worst I absolutely mangle my ps2 case and just go spend $15 and get a real flip top. :rofl: I looked a tutorial online and it’s really quite simple, I just don’t have the required little jigsaw.

Circular power saw. MANLY men don’t think. We just DO.


Shouldn’t this be in tech talk?


LoL, you gotta post some pics of your project. What about a wood burning knife? 5 bucks and the knife wont cool down during the deed