What could you have done better in TV, Movies, and games?

I think I’ve had this before, but… meh. Here it is again.

What, in TV, games, and movies, do you feel you could have done better? What TV show storyline could you write better? What video game could you have improved? It goes on and on; you get the idea. Everything, from the tiniest aspect to an entire work, is up for discussion here. You only need to get really specific if you want.

Here’s some of mine.

Nip/Tuck. Just about all of it past season 3. I’d go into details about this, but seriously. Just watch seasons 1 - 2 and then keep going. See if you don’t feel YOU could have done better as well. This is the first show where I"m convinced the good seasons were flukes.

Metal Gear Online. Raise the damage on body shots, take away friendly fire*, and make sure traps can’t hurt teammates. The Drebin Points system sucks as well, but it’d be tolerable with the first 3 taken care of.

*To be honest, this would help ANY shooter, really. Unless it’s necessary for the gametype.

high school…

I always had passing grades thats it. if I could go back Id nerd that shit up with A-everything.

This and kept playing basketball seriously in middle and high school.

yeah me 2, seems to be common

Are you able to make a post that doesn’t include some form of gripe, complaint, or mention about your dislike of MGO TC? Curiosity, I just had to ask.

Anyway I think I could have done KHII’s story a lot better then Nomura did. He had the perfect rival plot and he squandered it.

Meh, I was content with my C average.

Leave no child behind!

Well everyone wishes they would have done better in highschool. But then it would have been boring as hell.

I honestly don’t have too many regrets if any really, so I’ll go with this one: I wish I would have fucked my ex-gfs more. But hindsight is a mother… I just feel like every road that one takes leads to some kind of experience that one could learn from. Positive or negative.

If I could have fixed anything, it would be to save Sega from sucking so much. They still had ‘the juice’ when they got into being a third party but they didn’t balance out the unique titles (Gun Valkyrie, JSRF, Shinobi) with the sorts of broad games that they are doing today (Sonic and Friends games, AvP, Yakuza). If they had tried to stay grounded, building a foundation of money maker titles that don’t involve hedgehogs, I feel that it would have been a good place for them. Not unlike Capcom or EA (today). Capcom has learned how to generate hype for any of their products, even ones that end up selling like dried shit (Dark Void, Bionic Commando) and they protect their babies well (Mega man, RE, SF) while still coming up with new ideas (Monster Hunter, Phoenix Wright, Lost Planet). EA has turned sports into money generators and only after recently have they realized that they need to innovate. But they had a very strong base to work with, love it or hate it, you know it’s true.

Your gripe is with me for mentioning MGO because it fits the topic.
Your gripe SHOULD be with MGO for sucking so hard.

I know I talk too much about it, but fuck that game though.

I do make plenty of posts without mentioning it. Just not in the PS3 thread. Or this one. So far.

But surfing the net tonight reminded me of something else to add to this list.
Any porno ever made with that upside down blowjob crap could be way better without it. I seriously don’t understand how anyone likes that shit.

even with all the MGO bs just look how much I can own people left and right.

survival highlights

[/end shameless advertising :tup:

Fuck, school in general like everyone else.

I went to 5th grade, then stopped going to school altogether to do hard drugs and drink and shit.

Went to an Adult school and went from grades 5-9 in one year straight grinding. Then nigga was like “There’s a credit per year cap. You need to slow down, or you can finish the work and attend the following years.” Was like, fuck that. So I stopped going with 32 or so credits left.

Thought about my GED, but at the time was too poor/lazy to do it.

I think about doing it now, but I’m too poor and lost in the times. My math games are complete ass outside of video games, that’s where my Chinese shines.

I wish I could have avoiding meeting some of the people I know/knew today. SO BADLY.

And fucking SNAAAAKE at an Evo with chloroform. Big regret.

Right now I’m on the fence with the high school thing.

I could have gotten straight As. Sometimes I ask myself if I should have cheated on tests and HW. It’s not like knowing who Shakespeare is is going to help you in the work place, but then i’d have to return favors if i did that so maybe studying was better off. The thing is, right now my degree will get me nowhere once I graduate like 99% of humanities degrees because if you major in one, your ass better have connections.

Let’s be real though. My fellow C students will agree with me. C is for crusin’. Many of us C students loved doing whatever in HS. That studying time we supposedly should’ve used, was used for fun time, and i will cherish those memories forever. There is SOME autonomy in HS. There’s LOTS of autonomy in college. After that, you have no autonomy at all. You are a slave to your job, bills, wife (who might be part of your bills problem! heh), and kids (you love em too much and you might spoil them too before they become adults and start hating you for no reason)–if that’s the route you choose to take. There is no more room for numero uno after that.

So I have to see where my useless degree will take me before i can come to any conclusion. maybe in the end i should’ve majored in business.

Girls, grades and kung fu :tup:

I wish I would have played more games, fuck school.

school, sure…I was thinking this topic was more about various things in the entertainment industry though. Sidenote-- I love nearly every episode I’ve seen of Nip/Tuck.

Boston Legal – This is another legendary tv show, imo…but they just KEPT losing the hot broads. I definitely would’ve increased their pay a bit or whatever was necessary to keep at least some hot ass on the show. Towards the end of the series, all they really had was Tara Summers with the hot brit accent. Every other piece of ass they had on that show eventually disappeared…some without much story-explanation either.

The art of One Piece. -Yeah, I just happen to have 2 degrees in art, and I did well in nearly every class(except sculpture; I am definitely not good when it comes to the 3d stuff)…I’ve been at it since I was about 4 or 5 years old. One Piece visually sucks…and it wouldn’t even take a huge amount of talent to surpass it anyway. I don’t usually tear into another artist’s work in such a vicious way, but there is literally nothing I’ve seen from it that appeals to me. Perhaps the artist wanted to go for some original style that isn’t typical manga art…well, “originality” can yield some ugly ass results. The PT Cruiser has an “original” look too, at least compared to most modern cars(*I realize it’s a borrowed look from several decades back), but Jesus H. Christ that thing is ugly. It’s not like one is even required to be an artist before criticizing, btw. The average person off the street that has never even painted 1 picture could most likely agree that OP is ugly…or at least…not as visually interesting as even the “filler episode” artwork of other major shows/comics/etc.

Fable 2 – this is an easy one. Most fans could see exactly how to make this into the greatest action RPG of all time. It has the potential, and there’s so many things that could’ve been done better by just about anyone with some decent taste and creativity. The last “situation” involving the main villain, and the co-op are the 2 things that immediately come to mind as things to be “fixed”.

-Wyclef’s part in the new We Are the World—then again, even a halfway talented 11 year old could’ve done better than that. Look it up on youtube or something…it’s right after Lil’ Wayne’s(who also sucks, obviously) part. Wyclef is on there sounding absolutely ridiculous.

Same here.

From junior high to high school I thought girls were the most important thing untill I wen’t to college. Then I realised, damn…I f’d up.

Now it ain’t too bad but I could’ve done a lot better.

Why is everyone talking about doing better in High School? I don’t think he means what could you have done better in your life. He’s saying for all of you that complain about certain movies, games, and tv shows, how would you make it better.

Did you guys read the original post or just the thread title?

naw man every show is like that…they get one or two good seasons then (unless they have really good writers) the show turns to shit. mostly because they come up with one to 2 seasons with a sick idea to get the thing picked up…then they have to write everything else on the fly and try to fit it in with their inital storyline.

Yeah same here. It’s not like shit was hard, I was just lazy and preferred to play games/party.

All good though, doesn’t mean I regret that shit hardcore. You gotta live and learn. Can still do what I want, just that I couldn’t done it few years sooner… Cuz then I wouldn’t have had to start a CC and just went straight to a Uni.

But some say it’s best to start a CC anyways, save money and do your gen eds so.

maybe if they did better in high school they would have better reading comprehension

Wasn’t a gripe was simply a question. It just seems like every time I see a post from you it’s about MGO being shit or something. Reminds me of Ricaido and how he wont stop mentioning his Asian Wife. Makes me chuckle more then anything that a game seems to have gotten so under your skin your still bitching about it like 2 years after it came out or so.