What counts as tournement standard? (play skills street fighter ae)

I’m a beginner Oni player (as everyone who isn’t Japanese is). So before going to a tournament I would like to know what is everything that I should know (gameplay wise) over all before going?

There isn’t really anything specific to tournaments that you need to learn, aside from getting used to playing first to 2 sets (the longer format makes it much more possible for you and your opponents to adapt and change your playstyles mid-match) and not using lag tactics.

Anything else you need to learn for a tournament would be stuff you should be learning for your character anyway.

Just go. You learn faster in that environment. You’re under more pressure in tournament matches, and what happens in them is kind of burned in your mind. You know how you’ll be playing online, and do something nice, and think, “I need to practice that later.” Then after the match, you’re thinking, “wtf did I want to practice?” This doesn’t happen with tourney matches. You remember everything that happened. On top of that, there will be several people there, that you can ask questions about the game if you don’t understand something.

Yeah this mindset just holds you back. You should be exposing yourself to as many different environments to play SF in as possible, as soon as possible.

Basically, prepare your anus.

I went to my first tournament with the goal of winning one match - not a set; just a match.

I won 1 set and a total of 3 matches - well in excess of my goal!

Then I had a bunch of fun hanging out with people and playing side casuals.

No one worth talking to is going to be a jerk to you - even if you lose terribly.