What Daigo thinks of Juri...(Extra Salty Post)

So i was browsing through articles trying to find out as much info as i could about AE edition of Juri. I humbled upon an article about Daigo’s thoughts so far of AE. As i read on i stumbled upon this quote. It was in reference to projectile characters. Here is the quote…

Toyoizumi: What about Juri?

Umehara: I don?t think Juri will make it very far? (laughs).

As a player, i respect Daigo’s thought on each character, but that quote…with the laugh makes me so salty. Juri is by far one of the more unique characters of SSF4. I pride myself in playing this character amongst all the “top tier” characters. It just makes me hope that one day a Juri player will come out of nowhere and whoop on Daigo and make him eat his damn words. I used to appreciate and like Daigo for his skills and such, but i dunno about you all, i took that quote pretty personally. It’s just a game i know, but still…makes me salty.

Wait, does salty mean angry or sad?

Another way of saying bitter. You could also say sour too. I’m just appalled by such a claim after a few days of the game being released. Ultra Dave commented on his twitter, “not at all, game feels balanced, but I agree that non-fb chars seem best after day 1. Gief sucks though dunno what daigo is smokin” Let time tell the tale of how Juri plays out, instead of writing her off after a day of play!

What a terrible thread. What were you thinking? Nothing good can come of this.

Being that Daigo already thought Juri sucked before, and nothing much has actually changed with her, what on earth did you expect him to think?

More importantly, stop being a child and paying attention to anything Daigo says. He’s a great player, and a good guy, but his opinion shouldn’t matter to you at all.

wow close this thread like now, this is troll bait to the shit.

So what? It’s his opinion, it’s not the absolute truth.

It is to the OP.

and people wonder why i think the juri forums are a joke.

The Juri forums are a joke because Juri players are a joke. This is pathetic.

While I am not salty about it, like you, I hope some Juri player shows him. But you know, if comments like this get to Ono/Capcom, I think it’s good so they can see where they are failing. Daigo, Mago, and some other guy said Hakkan was the worst characters, and one of the impressions recently on the new Hakkan was that he was pretty good, he stays oily for longer periods of time. So Capcom should be paying attention.

This is the difference btw this thread and the thread I made. I actually was looking for betterment of Juri…this…is just kinda silly. If anything its already being discussed elsewhere

Listening to someone who only mains anything in the A tier or top B tier. He actually shouldn’t have an opinion on a char he doesnt use.

meh, any “top” player can say what they wanna say
all i know is that I’m not gonna give up Juri for what pros say, cause there’s plenty of Hakans,Adons etc out there who repped their shit proved their match up differently and I know I can do the same for Juri too

Seriously? Daigo’s not a god. What he says us by no means absolute truth. So what if he disses Juri? That’s his opinion. Don’t get your panties in a wad :smiley:

But juri is ass. Her offense doesn’t make up for her shitty defense. Don’t talk about juri like she’s secretly a very good character.

Deal with it.

Who is you?!

I never said she was. Never said she wasn’t. Plus that’s your opinion and no matter how much you think it should matter, it only matters to you.

Not my opinion. Unless you can tell me how her defense is good… It’s not my opinion.

And is her offense good enough to end the match in one kd? Well… Unless you’re on the top 10% of the players in this game probably not.

Seriously. Yes not viper, Abel, Dudley, and from what everyones saying yun… Shitty defense with beastly offense.