What damage are you getting on a BNB mid/full/corner with no assists and starting with 1 bar? peep

Hello Latveria,

I been in the lab with Dr Doom and was wondering what kind of damage Doom is capable of by himself… (no assist, no xfactor, no extra meter)

What I have,
my combo goes like this = j.6H, ch.M, ch.H, S, j.M(2hits), j.6H, ADDF, j.M(2hits), ch.H, S, j.M(2hits), j.6H, ADDF, j.M(2hits), jump up-forward j.M(2hits), j.M(2hits), j.6H, j.S, ADDF, s.H(2hits), S, j.M(2hits),j.M(2hits), j.6H, S, ADDF, wiff normal, tri-hop, s.H, cancel into L. molecular shield, sphere flame. damage = 880.300k

damage before sphere flame = ~695k

here’s an example of what i’m doing [media=youtube]9asgNDqewN4[/media]
unfortunately i can only record 10 seconds worth with the in game recording, but you get the idea… whats left out in the video? this ->> “S, ADDF, wiff normal, tri-hop, s.H, cancel into L. molecular shield, sphere flame. damage = 880.300k”

here is what i am curious of, what are YOU getting with your BnB for this scenario?

What I wish to accomplish… a way to end in sphere flame utilizing a combo like the one i posted, I have gotten this combo to work full-screen (corner to corner) but instead of s.H on the second relaunch(S) i could only land the entire combo if i used s.M, but this move will wiff a relaunch on some characters (she-hulk…etc.) can anybody with great execution test this for me? or drop some knowledge on a way to complete this combo from full-screen?


I have figured it out, skip the ch.H after the first launch(go straight into S after the first addf j.M) and only let 1 hit of the st.H land before doing S and waboom, consistent full-screen combo ending in sphere flame.

max damage from full screen starting with footdive, cancel into ch.M -> ch.H = 849,700k, uses 1 meter, gains 1.6, profit of .6 a bar.

max damage from full screen starting with LMHS (magic series) = 807,700

This is my BNB

It would be courteous to repost this in the combo thread rather than clutter the forum topics. You’ll get more helpful feedback that way.

One tip is s.H(1hit)S will drop on half the cast, like Wesker/Dante.
Also the last 2-3 pages of the combo thread have been about maxing bnb damage.

Let me just say that Im not trying to be rude and thanks for actually responding!

I personally disagree, I’m not looking to maximize just BnB damage, I want people to show what they are capable of with the scenario given in Umvc3, no assists, no extra meter, no xfactor, just doom.

the Doom combo thread is one big clutter, its just combos upon combos from vanilla from umvc3, how many times have people asked? How do i do clock/buktooth, where do i find it etc etc. THAT thread needs to be re-organized.

To also be honest, the doom forums look like they could use some more useful threads, instead of the “need help with buk/clock loop”

Anyways, on another note, what you said about doom 1 hit s.H otg, a video in response.

and the follow-up s.H , molecular shield, sphere flame also works… so i dont know what youre talking about with the tip.

St johns put this combo up a few weeks back and we’ve agreed that is probably the most optimal midscreen loop.

and that otg ender does not work in the entire cast. he was right.
Where jn your video do you prove him wrong again?

But yup . we should revamp the combo thread. ill get a poll started tomorrow to determine what the community feels are the best solo doom combos and ill start maintaining that thread.

and that otg ender does not work in the entire cast. he was right.

who does it not work on?

like i said before, i can only record 10 seconds lol, but i guess ill just set up a ghetto view and prove it.


here’s the proof for wesker…(fullscreen)
if you let molecular shield finish before sphere flame, damage is 840,700.
something i forgot to mention, when you do regular jump j.M,j.M let only 1 hit of the M hit on the second j.M then go into j6H,j.S, addf, s.H (1 hit), S, j.M(2hits),j.M(2hits) j.6H, S, wiff normal, tri-hop, s.H, molecular shield, sphere flame. (doing this allows for fullscreen otg with s.H into rocks) However, dont do this if you start with LMHS. just do the 1 hit s.H into launcher and instead of ch.H go straight into S on the first loop.

this also works on wesker( fullscreen) starting with LMHS, ending in s.H, molecular shield, sphere flame. damage = 812.700. it is also possible to hit 817.700 if your timing is super tight
but im only doing 812.700 consistently from full-screen, mid-screen will hit 817.700 everytime because you will be so close to the corner and more of the molecular shield rocks will hit. but i have done it full-screen as well.

you will just have to take my word for it…

Also, everything i wrote here also works for dante/amaterasu/rocket racoon/sentinel.

so who is next?

Its not even the same combo… yeah no shit if you omit hits earlier in the combo you will be able to connect with it later.

No one is trying to prove you wrong, they just giving you advice. Try not be so self-righteous.

Classy response, obviously you are offended. Look guy, I don’t care about your feeling, I don’t care about proving anyone wrong, I only care about optimizing a combo I’ve been working on that might help others who maybe say, play doom on anchor like myself. Don’t make things personal with me, and don’t call me self-righteous, you don’t know anything about me. To make things perfectly clear for you, I was asking you who ELSE is part of this vague “half of cast” this combo wasn’t supposed to work on, so I could test it, so others wouldn’t have to if they decided to adopt this combo.

Furthermore, I have taken johns and your advice to optimize the combo. but guess what? it IS the same combo, in my post (post #2 in this thread) i had edited out doing only 1hit on the second j.M for this to work(check logs if you’re a mod or whatever), but i later realized it worked without having to do so on some characters.

now LOOK at the video i posted about dante/wesker, i WAS doing the same exact thing, but now that i have proven that it works on Wesker by completing the combo you are trying to say its not the same thing. guess what, it is, look at the combo hit counter at the 8 second mark.

EDIT:Oh and by the way, you don’t even have to omit any hits for it to work, just tested it. 849.700k on wesker and dante. either way you slice it, it does work either with both j.M hits or a single j.M hit. however, doing just 1hit j.M makes the follow-up much easier.

videos below.



Applause. everyone here is glad that u optimized a combo know your own as opposed to reading a thread and just seeing the question answered. try that ender on the whole cast with the second combo. it does not work. i’d tell u which characters but there are a few so ill just leave it to u to figure out. yes, if u change the combo, 1 hit of otg h will work with everyone. But if u used the originally posted combo it DOES NOT work on he entire cast.

Hope that is helpful for others who pick up the combo and rely on doing it a certain way. would hate to see them whiff the ender jn a tournament setting.

I apologize if I’ve offended u. u seem to be easily offended.

Trust me, i’m not offended, and by not telling me who it doesn’t work on makes everything you typed out pointless, why did i even bother reading it?

Anyways, on to something useful, full-combo works on Amaterasu/Rocket Racoon/Sentinel/Dante/Wesker/Tron/Wolverine