What day should my tournaments be dated on?

I’d like to get the best turnouts, for singles as teams as possible :clap: :woot:

im guessing fridays and saturdays are days for people to go out…

i think sunday evenings are probably the best time, but thats just me.

i can play any day as long as its in the afternoon

Yep, sunday nights for me.

I go to school in the morning during weekdays and i work at night during the weekdays.

Sunday nights would be perfect!

I voted for Thursday, but Monday is also good so whatever the final count is for Monday add me for that day too.

Sunday night is cool provided that the tourney starts later in the evening. A lot of tournies start extremely early and its hard to make it to them. After 7 central or pacific is usually a good time to start.

ok cool. most likely monday or thursday, around late afternoon like 5pm or so. i dont wanna cut into people’s sleep time before school/work late sundays :tup:

mondays would be good because then the chance of everyone being home is high and plus… I don’t got work on that day so I could bring some beastage