What day will the games be played on?


I plan on signing up for MvC3 and Super but not sure what day they will be played on. (Super most likely friday and top 32 saturday) I am not sure i will be able to make friday morning trip dude to school :shake:so i will be making it to vegas friday night and ready to play saturday and hopefully MVC3 wont be held the same day as Super. Please Make at least one of the capcom games on saturday if possible!


Because of an expected huge amount of people for both games, they will most likely start on Friday. Everything usually starts on Friday anyway.


given that mvc3 and SSF4 will probably get around 1500 players each
more than likely they will be run in separate days
it would be really hard for the staff to run 2 tournaments as big as those at the same time


I think they might run into some trouble finding the time to run all the games they’ve chosen this year, there’s a much larger crowd for them.

SSF4 had what? 1400+ entrants last year? I’d expect that to grow if anything. And they had trouble getting through that on time too.
MvC3 I’d expect about the same since it’s going to be really hyped come EVO.
BBCS is less mainstream obviously but still has a big following, I’d expect a couple hundred.
Tekken always has a decent crowd.

And god knows how many will sign up for MK, at the very least for the fun of it.

Maybe they’ll even extend it for an extra day, that’d be fairly sweet.


It’s all answered in the podcast. If you expect 1500+ showing up for whatever game it is, it’s going to be on Friday.


So I signed up for SSF4 and MK9 and I was planning on switching the panel on my TE stick from the 6 button staggered to the UMK3 layout and vice versa, according to which game is gonna be played on whichever day so I’m really hoping they’re not on the same day so I don’t have to keep taking out the toolbox and replacing the panel, y’know.


so it’s worth it to get the show up thursday night and pay for an extra night at the hotel rather then show up early on friday? What time do things usually start at?


Yes it is worth it. Especially since the extra night is only like $70.
Pools usually start at 9am on friday morning.


Landing a day or two earlier would be good. That’s what I did last year and early registration (it was on Thursday) did help out a lot. Some people looked like they were still in line to register while SSF4 pools already started. :confused:

Getting to Vegas earlier is also good so you can check in to your hotel and have enough time to settle down and get some rest. Not to mention you can get in some casuals with other participants for a few days before the event starts. The three days of EVO can be brutal especially if you’re participating in all games. Juggling between different games/pools for 1-3 days (eg. SSF4 pools last year was on Friday, Semis on Saturday, Finals were on Sunday) will be tiring.

We had casuals in the Hawaii room on Thursday and we had Ryan Hart, Sanford, Kayane, Team Utah, etc. with them. All of them were cool peoples and it was nice to socialize with others rather than just be all business and focus your entire time playing games.

Extra days in Vegas is also good so you can put some money into some gambling. :nunchuck: