What defines a Scrub?

Ok, so I might not be the foremost MvC2 authority. I don’t think anyone honestly considers themselves to be so. But its gotten to the point where people that live halfway across the country, who have never even seen me play marvel, are lowering my SRK rep and accusing me of being scrubbish for mentioning little known facts about characters I dont even seriously play.

Sure, they might be better than me, I dont deny that. I doubt it, considering ive played MvC2 every day for about the last 2 years, but I dont deny the possibility, cause alot of people are beastly as hell in this game. The cold hard fact is, neither of us even know. So why go out of your way to lower my rep and try and talk shit when its completely obvious you are full of it from all the way in GA.

Why cant we make posts without someone getting upset? Every time I see a newb make a new post 9/10 times they get redirected to a thread thats almost as old as marvel. Every time I see someone ask an ignorant question they get called a scrub. MOST PEOPLE AREN’T AS SAD AS US THEY DON’T HAVE MvC2 COMPLETELY FIGURED OUT. This place exists to help people, or so I hear. But the people I see making new marvel threads to help people out are becoming fewer and fewer. (TY Tech Master)

So when someone corrects your post and you’ve never seen them on SRK, when a scrub makes a brand new sent post about fast/un-fly, when someone asks how do I guard break, please try to be reasonable, not for me, but to keep the marvel community a somewhat civil one…until EVO. :rofl:

Sympathy doesn’t exist on SRK. There is always at least one person who will jump on the chance to make someone look like an idiot and feel nice about themselves. For example:

"What defines a scrub?


Burn. I’m sure enough people would have told you to look in a mirror already. =p

You love it

please make more posts whining about your internet rep

Is this about scrubbery or about your rep being dropped. Cuz we all know that having the full red bar is where all the cool people’re at.

Dude try not to worry about the reds too much because the rep system is broken. You have people with 11 green complaining about the execution in GG being to hard when its rather lenient compared to some other games(VF comes to mind). Just say fuck em and keep posting and helping the scene and eventually those reds will go away(If you really know your shit).


what is a man?

But five humble minutes ago, you had frickin 2 green and now you’re at 4 red. The hilarity!

A miserable little pile of scrubs!

but enough talk, have at you!


85 hit parry



People consider knowledge of any kind to be useful, and some people feel superior because they know more about something than someone else might, even if its just a video game. Honestly, I do feel lame sometimes cuz I feel I should have such knowledge of more important things.

At the very least, knowing a lot doesn’t give you the right to act superior to a person who is just looking for help or isn’t looking for trouble. For most of us… When we step outside our door, the fact that we know a lot about video games, means little.

Stop repping me! I have to work hard to maintain this full red bar!

I think being a scrub is making stupid threads that you know will get heat, or not know, like my first one turned out to be lol.

I bet if you said something along the lines of “Rep is just what people stupid enough to pay money for online forums think of you” you’d get some serious negative rep.

I just feel bad for people who put alot into MvC2, CvS2, 3s, Alpha3…whatever game. I dont care about my SRK rep rating. I just think its interesting that someone who has never even seen me play would say something like that.
If you can call someone youve never seen play a scrub, then you must have a different definition than me. I do care about my marvel rep, and im not gonna take being called a scrub by someone I dont even know laying down.

I mean, it was a while ago when I realized that im not gonna learn much from these forums. There is a good thread here and there, but I havent learned anything top-tier in Marvel on these forums for quite awhile. Still SRK is great for matchmaking, tournament discussion, and the stuff im still picking up on in other fighters. So I spend a good bit of time here. This place could be alot more helpful to people if they could make posts without being ridiculed by people who 1/2 the time dont know what they are talking about anyway.

Im not looking for sympathy, just a ten year olds sense of maturity in posting.

You’re an idiot for thinking anyone gives half a thought about who or why they’re rep’ing. I’m sure some people out there do, but most of the time it’s mindless “lol ur post r under mine yet my box is in ur box no udnerstand ANGRY ANGRY RED BUTTON TIMES >:(”

I didnt say they gave any thought to repping. I said they act like fools. Apparently this makes me an idiot, even though youve never met me.

See where this is going?

Im now an idiot for something I never even did. Thats incredible.


Yeah. Crazy thing is I wouldn’t have said that if you were a premium member cause then I’d get red bar like you red bar person. :looney: