What defines a Scrub?

looks at wine glass. Takes out vampire killer.

:rofl: fair enough:rofl:

How does SOTN enter into the equation?

You are acting like a scrub.

A scrub is someone that sucks at the game and doesn’t take the time to improve their game. We were all scrubs at one point.

But yeah, your first post is nothing but a tall glass of whine.


Guillotine, yes?

I think you’re confusing a scrub with a dumbass.Scrub is an amateur.

Risuno, let me be serious for a moment: This is a messageboard forum on the internet. When you encounter someone on the internet, you generally know very little about them. In terms of competitive video games, you do not know their skill level based on having played them. Therefore you use the internet equivilent of verbal and non-verbal clues in order to conclude what kind of person you are dealing with. SRK, unlike yourself, is not brand new. It has been around for many years now, and many users have been around for those years and are still here today. They have seen users of all types come and go. You are not special. Your case is not unique. People called you a scrub because your comments in these threads betrayed that notion. Usually it is pretty easy to tell how you will play. Sometimes there are rare exceptions, the most famous of which is probably the Golden Nismor saga. In short, don’t expect people to stave off judging you before they have played you one on one. This is the internet, and it isn’t designed to give you that accomodation.

me i am a scrub

A scrub is someone who does not try and seek things out for himself, (ie search function on srk, learning things on his own IRL) instead constantly wanting to be spoon fed while putting little to no effort into becoming a better person/gamer/whatever.

He wants everything but does nothing to get it.

Thinks highly of himself but do not have what it takes to back it up.

And generally does not take the extra second or two to THINK and come up with a reasonable conclusion and then asks, “why?” to an obvious question.

points to op

That is a scrub.

SOTN is always behind the equation and since it’s obvious it leads me to the following question:

“Are you OK?”

Ah… This thread is awesome.

Y’know whining about that’s just going to make it worse. Move on, OP… Move on…

Busta Wolf!

I felt it was my duty. This thread is practically going nowhere :rofl:

Im not whining about shit. Im saying im coming to the conclusion most of the SRK population has nothing better to do than talk shit. Apparently I was right.

This thread going no where is only further proof of that.

Im not whining. Im just not taking any bullshit involving my MvC2 dedication from someone who doesnt even know what the hell they are talking about. And ill defend any attempt to do so in the future. Anyone who wants to call me a scrub can come MM me (MvC2) anytime. That should narrow down the number of shitty players willing to call me a scrub. Cant come to GA? Ill see you at EVO.

stop crying son…

That looks like whining to me.

Being called a scrub obviously pissed you off quite a bit. So of course you decide to waste everyone’s time and make a thread about it telling us all your problems. Honestly, dude… Just don’t freak out about the word. If you do, don’t publicly do it. Just cut your wrists quietly in a corner instead.