What did capcom do?

i’m not trying to be rude. it’s just, i was at evo every day and i didn’t know capcom was involved until i read it on combovideos.com. did they donate $1000 for the 3s winner? were there prizes? was anybody from capcom there?

They reconize Evo exists and support it, which is good i suppose.
they donated Said 1,000$ to 3rd strike.
I THINK, they donated a bunch of free copies of alpha anthology to the evo staff and those who helped run evo.

I wonder if someone who worked at capcom came and talked to the cannons and staff and all the positive jazz, or they just sent everything threw mail and email, not showing up themselves…

iono. Anyone know the details?

all i know, is that it was basically the srk staff constantly harrassing capcom usa to support EVO and THEIR brand name games for YEARS. they would ignore us for years, but after constant harrassing, it looks like they finally decided to finally show support. but honestly, it just seems to be cuz they got tired of hearing us rather than they see whats going on and are taking notice. i hope its the latter, but i think they just wanted us to finally shut up.

im sure capcom is baffled as to why we are still using a dreamcast for mvc2 lol

Yeah, I mean its not like the ps2 version is playable, with all the counters that get hit on the way out like .1% of the time, and the comedic sound glitches that make you laugh so you can’t play.

You do realize that it’s actually much worse?

PS2 Marvel is a mess, alot of the strites aren’t the right sizes (very important), alot of the timings are different, and not to mentions it has slowdown from hell.

I would go with option B, or they drove to the headquarters and picked it all up. I wonder where all those copies that were supposed to be giving out went…eBay?

Yeah, they donated like 12 boxes of stuff:

  • box of Alpha Anthologies for PS2
  • box of SF Alpha headbands and keychain figures
  • box of light-up pens
  • box of light-up pens with Capcom notebooks
    … I think there was other stuff too. It was pretty awesome.

All of that stuff was given out after Third Strike finals were over at the back of the room at the staff table. If anybody ever bothers to watch the videos I scanned of the brackets (please don’t, but they’re on the hub if you’re crazy.), you can hear people in the background excitedly getting stuff. It was pretty much first-come first-serve, and they gave evvvverything out.


My black MAS stick with “Preppy” on it stolen at Evo: $150 reward for its return.

preppy I wasn’t at Evo to see who got your stick but if you want one back I will trade you mind for the $150 j/k(unless you want to make the trade :wink: ) but man that is fucked up for people to take your shit like that hopefully you continue to make your awesome perfect quality vids despite the ignorance in this world you know no one make it look as good as you man:rock:

did the cannons anounce it? i didn’t hear about it. they sure did a good job with the shirts, so why not the same vigor for the capcom stuff?

and you certainly were the guy in the kobun shirt lol. i remember thinking “oh snap iot’s preeppy! the guy in the kobun shirt!”

is there anything left? are you gonna sell it?