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Spider-man has impressive speed, which makes him a great pressure character. He is most effective when in close and constantly pressuring an opponent. Try dashing in a lot and then start a combo by holding down and taping lk,lk, followed by a standing hk. If it connects, go into an air combo. If you can’t get standing hk to juggle your opponent, finish off the combo with an lp web ball. To defend against opponents that like to jump in. Simply tap hk and then counter with an air combo.

Some Spider-man Combos:

1.When in close, hold down, tap lk,d lk,hk, then before it lands make the Hyper Web Throw. Total=4 hits

2.Another one is when in close hold down, tap lk,lk,hk,s.j., magic series, then make the web swing finishing it with the Hyper Web Throw. Total=9 hits

3.And the last one, jump in and throw the web ball , jump in deep , tap lp, while still in the air, tap lk,lp,lk,hold down,lk,lk,hk,s.j.,magic series then the Hyper Web Throw.
Total=13 hits

:rolleyes: … am I missing something here… other people have seen this but havent replied… so i will… I dont mean any harm… thanks for posting, but if you are going to post up combos… make sure they actually work…

:confused: … there’s no way you can pull off any super with Spidey after a magic series/webswing unless you have an assist to help… and you definitely cant Hyper web throw in mid air… so…


i was thinking the same dam thing!!! quit posting :lame: strats