What did it feel like to get your first ass-kickin"


We weren’t born with the ability to unleash 50hit chains or to perform an infinite juggles to the wall. No, most of us started as hapless, naive newbs when we first roamed the arcades. The MvC arcade that I went to wasn’t a hotspot for the best players, so my ego was constantly fed by false victories against the newbs I played against. I believed I was a God, no one could touch my button-mashing missile spamming team of Megaman/Cable/BB Hood. Boy, was I in for an ass kicking one faithful Saturday night. I came to the machine to find an unfamiliar face playing. Jesus, I still remember what he was wearing. 20 feet long G-Unit shirt, cap tilted to the side, jeans sagged around his kneecaps. Boy howdy, I was gonna whip this wannabe gangsta. This machine is my biatch homie! I calmy walked to the player 2 slot and put in my 3 quarters. I laughed when I saw his team. Magneto? Cable? Psy? This guy didn’t know his characters (remember, these were the days before I was enlighted). Well, you could guess what happened. I got a first hand lesson on why Megaman should not be a opening when his Mag infinited me. By now I had the funniest WTF look on my face. He then proceeded to LK, LK, FK > QCF+PP with Cable, and I lost the match dealing I think about 10 percent damage to Mag lol. Boy, was I scarred for a long time after that one.


jesus christ 75 cents per game?


Ain’t that the average dude? I dunno, last time I went was three months ago, and this happened about 2 years ago.


my thoughts exactly…wtf??


pretty much a similar experience. i would beat up on some random scrub and feel good about myself until one day i met some serious players that basically handed me my ass. that was the first time i got “perfected” and man did it feel bad. :sad:

it was definitely a scrubtacular moment


My first real ass kicking was delivered to me at my first big tournament.

This was back during the days of Capcom vs. SNK, and I thought I was hot shit. Anyways my first match came up and I got destroyed by someone who posts on here as MannyRuby. He straight up OCV’ed my team with EX Balrog.

It was humbling to say the least, but after I got the scrub mindset beasted out of me it allowed for me to become a better player later on.


If you’re paying 75 cents per game you should be glad you have an arcade or some place with cabs in the first place.


my first major ass whooping was in SF2:WW when I was 10.

then I figured out how to combo J.lk->c.lkx4…


arcana heart @ CT is 75 cents.


powerstation is $1 for marvel

thats why i hate powerstation with all my being


Hell no. The highest fighting games ever got was 50 cents. Only the special machines like the driving ones(daytona usa), or something like DDR, ever cost 75 cents.

Any place that charged you 75 cents per play on a fighter, were just totally ripping you off big time.