What did Juri say when she dive kick

This has bothering me since the game comes out. Just what did Juri say when she does dive kick move in English? I am sure she doesn’t speak French.

“and boy are my legs tired!”

And what does Bison say when he does an EX psycho crusher

Normal dive kick is just a laugh. EX dive kick is “Hold still!”

“You’re dead!”

to get to the other side!

what does balrog say at the end of his ultra 1 in japanese

“There’s no escape”. It’s the same in English. In fact, that’s what he’s always said just like in CvS2.

What about Gen after finishing his air ultra? Something along the lones of “…die coward!”?

When El Fuerte does his Ultra 1 in japanese he says something along the lines of


What does ERO mean in Japanese? or does he mean “Arrow Fuerte” because he shoots up into the air and onto his opponents shoulders?

I think he’s just trying to say El Fuerte.

“Suffer and die coward!”

Naw, in English he says “there’s no escape” at the startup and “say goodnight chump” at the end. Japanese Boxer says “No escape” at the startup and … something in Japanese I can’t understand during the last uppercut.

Not sure if serious… If you are, he is just saying EL but in Engrish you pronounce that as ERO.

Fun fact: Ero means “pervert” in japanese :stuck_out_tongue: