What did RockB have for lunch?


Your only clue is this.





His mom.


The shaven vagina of a ginger, a bottle of Ginger Ale on the rocks, and a side dish of roasted peanuts and cheesecake. Ending with another chapter read in Stephen King’s “The Shining”.




“ANIMAL semen.”


This is a quote, if obvious. :coffee:

EDITED to insert content.

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RockyB doesn’t eat food as we know it. He absorbs nutrients through hatred and viewing .gif’s. Sort of like some crazy osmosis




Baked sunflower seed burger with zucchini?


Grilled cheese and tomato soup.


HIPSTER pussy.

Nature’s gift to vegetarians.

…is it gluten-free?

How is a black man gonna be all anti-glute, anything?

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Dat tumblr vegan pussy*


so, vagetarian too, then.


He went to Panera and had green tea with his soup.


White Women

Maybe Black Women

we need more clues


Is RockyB 75 years old?

Also Televelevwe, make your avatar stop staring at me…judging me…questioning me…


No, no, no.

Old black men live off of bread fried in fatback, and Thunderbird.

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Crumpets and parsnips with a Starbucks dbl shot caramel frapp

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Edit: nvm mystery over lol


We are going to work out together. WE’RE GONNA HAVE FUN. FUN FUN FUN!


Potatoes with a side of rice. And a craft beer.