What did Scumbag say to Juicebox after he threw his stick at EVO?

Was anyone close to the stage? I am just really curious on what words where exchanged.


Looks like juicebox said “SAAYYAAHH” and the rest was history.

Really though it doesn’t look like he said anything. He looked like he played it pretty cool.

No Kelter we want to know what SCUMBAG said—not juice. Juice didn’t say a thing because his mouth didn’t move, although he did look at scumbag with puppy dog eyes like “yo don’t hit me man.”

I wanna know what scumbag said too to be honest lol.

yeah ski said that scumbag was talkin mess. I wanna know what that mess was.

He was probably giving him props for a good match.

Not sure if serious…

I imagine though scumbag said something like “Fck you! You’re such a cocky lil douchebag. You’re lucky we’re around all these people or else I’d beat you senseless for being such a Faggot!”

The reason I think it’s something around those lines is because Juicebox DID have this moment of looking scared after he threw his stick down and started to talk to him. I think violence was def. mentioned.

by the look on Juice’s face looks like he was just venting about the loss. Swearing at himself or w.e.

I don’t think he was scared. I think it was a moment of suprise being pulled out of his zone to be given mad props.

He said “Fuck you”.

I was taken aback, as I’m a very non-confrontational person by nature.

And there we have it. Thanks Juice, I was rooting for you the whole time. Good job getting to the Semi’s.

What a sore sport. I saw the stream and LOL’d. Did you ever talk to him afterwards and see why he was such a poor loser?

You da man Juice, your charisma was half of the hype up in Evo prolly haha.

u shoulda done Ultra 1 to him in the parking lot

I was rooting for you and Ryder non stop at Evo. Did you two money match? Also, someone said there is a history between you and Scumbag, how does that pan out ?

juice and scum have played before with the exact same chars and scumbag have beaten him before I think.

Well in that case scumbag’s outburst was justified.

Just because he won before?
standing up and saying “Fuck you” to someone you’ve beaten before just because they beat you this time around is not justified. No way in hell. That’s just plain disrespectful and rude.

Good on you for keeping your cool Juicebox, was rooting for you in that round. Such a harsh beating after getting taunted it was unbelievable.

Yo great job Juice!!! Keep on dancing brotha

Good job Juice, you deserved that win.

missed that dance since evo2k9

gj juicebox :smiley: