What did the Tournament Points Do?

I understand that Evo held several tournaments in which you can rack up tournament points. Wolfkrone was the player who had the most Evo tournament points going into Evo2K11. My question is: What do those tournament points do for you at Evo?

Seeding points give you advantageous positioning in the bracket, as all players who have accumulated any points will be spread apart as far as possible.

That’s it, AFAIK.

I think the 2011 Evo seeding season was a great idea because it brought more hype to the Major tourneys and because it helped ensure a more fair spacing between top players at Evo.

But just a small suggestion that I think could improve the situation:

The people who made top 16 at this year’s Evo should automatically get points for next year’s Evo, if the same game is still there.

Fuudo came into this Evo with 0 points but fought in the same pool as other top players who earned a lot of points. If Fuudo receives the 64 points that an Evo seeding tourney winner typically gets, he would be spaced out from the other top players.

I’m sure Fuudo will return for next year’s Evo, but it’s unlikely that he will travel to the US for a seeding tourney, so giving him points now ensures that he will be properly seeded.

Latif should get 32 points, Poongko 16, Daigo 8, etc.

Finishers 9th to 16th gets one point as usual, but since Evo is such a huge tourney, I think players up to 32 should also get an Evo point.

Dr Ray (top 32 or 16 finish) did a great job eliminating great players like Justin Wong, and since he lives in another country, unlikely that he will attend Evo seeding tourneys, but giving Dr Ray 1 point to ensure that he’s not put into a pool with another top player is a good idea too.

That’s a great idea, actually. Treat EVO2K11 as the first major of the EVO2K12 season.

Like times a million.

Do this.