What did you do on July 7th, 1994?


I got stabbed at a Wiggles’ concert.

How about you guys?


Juggalos never die.


I got up. Did stuff. Went to bed.

No different than any other July 7th I went though.


I stabbed some dude at a wiggles concert


I had recently graduated from elementary school and was in the middle of my summer vacation.


Had a birthday party at the arcade in ATL, followed up by some Laser Tag at Q-zar.

My mom still has a pic on her dresser of me playing MK2 with a Darkstalkers 1 machine right next to me


Ain’t tricking me.

I plead the Fifth.


I was at a strip club named Wiggles. But there was no stabbing. Just rain.


go to a wiggles concert and hire a gang to stab someone there


Probably playing my Sega Genesis.


i witnessed someone getting stabbed at a wiggles concert.


I was 6 so I probably spent a large part of the day playing with TMNT action figures and generally being happy.






Doing what 3 year olds do. I was ballin.


i performed with wiggles at a wiggles concert


Met my asian wife!


sonic 3 and knuckles


I raped some unconscious dude who had just gotten stabbed at a wiggles concert.


I was 2 and a something years old. So, not a lot?